Warm Up This Fall with Life Made Delicious

The flavors of fall are upon us.  The root veggies have been harvested, the farmers markets are in full swing.  Kitchens are full of foods that warm you from the inside out, and are being cooked every day.  I enjoy the cooler months for that very reason.  Hearty foods that fill you full of healthy veggies.  One of my very favorite meals is stew.  I usually stick to my Grandmothers' Boiled Dinner recipe but there are so many different kinds, that … [Read more...]

My Grandmothers’ Stew (AKA Boiled Dinner)

When I was a kid, my Mom worked and my grandmother babysat us.  So most of my meals were created by her.  They were meals that she had been making for years and years.  Recipes that were used to  feed her kids, then to us...and now, to my kids.  One of my most favorite of her creations was Stew.  Or, at least that's what she called it.  I've come to learn that what she called stew is actually called 'boiled dinner'  (apparently it's an eastcoat … [Read more...]

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