Why Is It?

I'm done having babies.  I think.  With my youngest being 16 months and my oldest almost 6 years, we've decided that two is enough.  So as my youngest is growing, I'm giving away his outgrown gear.  His swing and his bassinet, his baby toys and clothes.  And soon, we'll even be diaper free.  That is a day that I admit, I am looking forward to. I've already given up my maternaty clothes.  And here is my question, why oh why is it that when I … [Read more...]

The Name Game…

So, now that we know we're having a boy, we're playing the Name Game big time! I had it in my head that this one was a girl, so boys names hadn't really crossed my mind. Until now. Well, once I found out, the first name that popped into my head was Ethan... Now, DH and I both like this name, which is good. But I have to wonder, does it have good yelling ability. You know, those times when you yelling at both your kids and you scream their … [Read more...]

It’s a….

Boy!!! Or at least that is what the ultrasound tech said! We got to see the heart, kidneys, brain and apparently, the penis! Though I really couldn't make it out.So now, at least I feel like I can shop. Though, I have to say it's amazing how fast a person can change their mind. Before I went to the appt. I was dead set on having my tubes tied after this kiddo is born. But as soon as he said boy, my decision went right out the window, and I … [Read more...]

19 Weeks Pregnant

Ok, so now that I have Baby Bump, It's time to start sharing some Week - by - Week shots and how just what's going on with this little bambino. First of all, here are the shots... I had my 3rd prenatal yesterday and though it only lasted a few minutes I'll fill you in on all the deets. Weight Gain This Month: 3lbs Total Weight Gain: 6.5 lbs Heart Rate: Freekin' Fast! (they didn't give me an actual rate) BloodPressure: Perfect Ultrasound … [Read more...]

Shhhh….Sex while pregnant….

Yes, most of us know that though it is very safe (in most normal low risk pregnancies) Sex may not be at the top of our "To Do" list. The first few weeks or months of pregnancy for can be tiring, nauseating, and leaving us feeling exhausted. Finding the energy to shower, let along do the nasty is near impossible. After a while, those feeling will pass, we'll start feeling ourselves again, and hey...guess what. The sex drive returns! Yay - Any … [Read more...]

6 Weeks Pregnant

OK, so right now I am 6 weeks preggo, and boy oh boy am I feeling it. My first realization, this pregnancy will be very different from the last. While I was in the early stages with my little guy, I was tired and weak, but that was about it. This little one inside of me is making my body react completely different. #1 I constantly feel sick...I've got if figured out that if I eat every 2 hours, I feel ok...but when you eat every 2 hours there … [Read more...]

More Pregnancy Questions

So, as many of you now know, I am pregnant. Omgosh, I cannot seem to get the questions of my pregnancy out of my head! I've spent so many nights just tossing and turning, thing about all the things I forget! One thing I've noticed so far is that this pregnancy is a lot different from my first. Now, at only 5 weeks along, you may ask, "how do you know?" Well, first of all, I feel ill....a lot! With my first one, I never got sick once, not a … [Read more...]

Now I’m Pregnant….what happens next?

You know, it's been 5 years since I found out I was pregnant with Ben, 5 whole years. And now, I know I'm pregnant again, but for some reason I just don't know what to do. The reality hasn't set in yet....It still doesn't seem real! So now I need to brainstorm. I've been trying to think of what I'll need for this little bambino.... I still have my bassinet that DH made for Ben, our crib and mattress, carrier car seat and I think that's … [Read more...]

The Questions Of Pregnancy…

Being a parent is a very difficult job, and it starts from the day you decide to start trying to have your first child (or in some cases, the day you find out your pregnant!). All the questions that run through your head are amazing...things you never thought of before. I remember when we were pregnant for our son Ben all the anxieties and worries...will he be healthy, will we find out if we're having a baby boy or a baby girl? Will our pregnancy … [Read more...]

I want a new camera!!

I want a new camera!!! I have great love for the camera I have now. Daddy on the go and I were very pregnant and we decided it was time to buy a camera. It was May 3, 2005. Ben's Due Date. We went from one store to another looking for the best deal on a digital camera. I remember the pain in my back and legs from going from store to store. We eventually settled on a Kodak EasyShare 3.2 mega pix. We bought it from Zellers. When we sat in the … [Read more...]

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