Jealous of a camera…and a chance for free coffee

I have to say, I am very new to blogging...But it's a lot of fun to read other blogs and see what happens in the lives of others. One of the blogs I've become addicted to is MommyKnows. I have to say I check this a few times a day. So, I was very excited when I got home from work and I checked the RSS feed and Yipee!! A new post, and a contest. Kim recently got a new camera and I have to say, she takes beautiful pictures. I love G's hair, it's … [Read more...]

The Sanity Of Mom’s

So...I've decided to Blog. On top of everything else I do, I'm going to add something else to it. Have you ever wondered about the sanity of moms?? I do regularly, especially my own. For example, my life. I am slowly taking over management of my Step Fathers Billiards Club, I am doing freelance work for a local company, (although this week was a complete right off), I am building a website ( But first to ALL of that I am a … [Read more...]

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