Motherhood takes a lot out of you.  At least, it takes a lot out of me.  I've been a mother for 5 years now, if you include my first pregnancy, it's been six.  And in those six years I can count on one hand how many days I've had for me.  There haven't been many. That's OK though!  That is the life I chose.  I wanted to have children and spend my time raising them.  My energy cleaning up after them, and spending every special moment with … [Read more...]

If 30 Is The New 20….

Then Why Can't I Do Cartwheels Anymore????? Seriously! Sunday past I was enjoying some time at the park with the boys and my sister.  It was her last day in town, and it was Georgous outside...a day that must be spent in the sun.  Ben was having a blast playing with his aunti KiKi, running around the equipment and monopolizing her time...He doesn't like sharing his aunti with his baby brother...."Give Wil Back To Mom!!" is a common phrase … [Read more...]

Housework #Fail

Do you ever start your day with so much energy, the best of intentions, and plans to get your house looking perfect.  That's how my day started.  My house was going to sparkle when I was through with it.  Every room was going to be organized, cleaned, sorted.  Clothes were going to be gone through...Winter clothes put away, summer clothes here to say. Then I remembered...I have kids. Funny how I forgot that kids don't let you clean...they go … [Read more...]

4 Months…

My little baby William is 4 months old already! Time is going by way to quickly. Let's see. He's still nursing very well, we've added rice and oat cereal to his diet as well. His Dr. Suggested it, and I agreed because he's such a big boy. I mean the kid is 20lbs!! I get dead arm just carrying him around the house. He's not a big pacifier boy, like his brother was. He's a fan of his fingers and fist. He knows where his thumb is, but is not … [Read more...]

Me + Technology = #Fail

Seriously, I just can't get a head this week!!! I know, stop complaining...but really.  For some reason the technology geek in me is MIA.  I don't know where she went, or how she got lost but damn...I miss her! You see, today is Earth Day and I had a few plans made.  First we were supposed to go plant our seed cards that I received from Majesta, then we were going to go pick up a seedling and plant an actual tree.  Well, we got the seed … [Read more...]

A Helluva Day

Ok, first of all, let me apologise for the upcoming rant - but it needs to be done and here is as good of a place as any. My plans for the day were to go shopping with my Mom and help her pick out a new computer.  I mentioned quite a few times that I was going to turn green with envy.  You see, I've been working from a 7 year old laptop that was given to my by my Mom and Stepdad.  It was old but the price was right. So I get up this … [Read more...]

Do Your Kids Wear Glasses?

A few months ago, we took Ben for his orientation at 'big school'. He'll be entering primary aka kindergarten this September and is very excited. So, as a part of his orientation, he had to go through a bunch of little workshops, speech and hearing, reading skills, they checked his teeth, and they did an eye test to see if he may need eyeglasses. We went through most of them without a hitch, but when it came time for the eye test his shyness … [Read more...]

“This Is The Worst Day Ever…”

Ben's Famous Words! And boy did I ever hear them a lot yesterday. Yesterday was supposed to be a fun day.  A happy day.  The day his cast was supposed to come off.  Yeah, not so much.  I shouldn't say that, It did come off.  But not for very long. We planned our day around Ben's appointment at the hospital to have his cast removed and an X-Ray.  We were supposed to be there at 1:30pm to end his time in a cast ( at least his first cast, I … [Read more...]

Am I A Hoarder?

So, I watched that popular TV show on TLC the other night for the first time...Hoarders.  I was only about 10 minutes into the show when it hit me...Am I a hoarder? I was listening to the 'Hoarders' describe their connections with their belongings and I totally connected with them.  I understood what they were saying.  I agreed with them.  I got scared. Is that what I'm going to turn into?  Will my home someday look like theirs?  I've had … [Read more...]

Put Your Big Girl Panties On…

Suck that lower lip back in and get over it. I have to keep telling myself that. Over and Over and Over and Over.... I have to go back to work, like now. Real work, out of the home, at a job where I get a steady pay check. We don't make enough money for me to stay home with my kids.  I've been on Maternity Leave now for 11 months (though William is still less than 4 months old) and it runs  out in May. This is so hard.  It makes me … [Read more...]

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