Lysol Mission For Health

My house is far from spotless. Actually, you could almost refer to it as spotted(the toy spot, the books spot, the laundry spot) or even (yikes) messy. But it is not dirty. Sure, there are a few dust bunnies hopping around, ducking and diving out of the path of my vacuum. There may even be some child-tracked-in sand on the kitchen floor. But it is far from dirty,  just lived in. When it comes to house work, I have my list of priorities. … [Read more...]

Housework #Fail

Do you ever start your day with so much energy, the best of intentions, and plans to get your house looking perfect.  That's how my day started.  My house was going to sparkle when I was through with it.  Every room was going to be organized, cleaned, sorted.  Clothes were going to be gone through...Winter clothes put away, summer clothes here to say. Then I remembered...I have kids. Funny how I forgot that kids don't let you clean...they go … [Read more...]

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