Oreos + Cream Cheese = Love

Oreos? Delicious. Cream Cheese? Delicious. Put them together and add some dark chocolate??? Be prepared for the skies to open up and to hear the thunderous chorus of angels. It's true. This has to be THE easiet recipe ever. EVER. Here's what you need: -One box of Oreo cookies -One package of cream cheese -A bag of dark( or milk or white)chocolate chips Thats it. Seriously. Toss the cookies in a food processor until they become crumbs, … [Read more...]

Holiday Cookie Exchange

I have always wanted to be a part of the Holiday Cookie Exchange.  I think they're tremendous fun!  If you are a Holiday Cookie Lover this is the best way to get a cupboard full of cookies and only actually having to make just one kind!  Below I've got a few tips to help you host a successful Holiday Cookie Exchange! If you are hosting a Cookie Exchange (or dessert exchange) in your home: Invite your friends and fabulous bakers. … [Read more...]

PC’s Insiders Report – Nov 16th & 17th

Christmas started really early for me this year.  Actually, it started yesterday when a HUGE box full of wrapped gifts arrived at my door from President's Choice.  Food plays an enormous role in the holiday season, from Grandma's stuffing recipe to the cheesecake/coffee (wine)/wrapping party for moms. (If you haven't done this, it's a must).  So between now and December 7th, every other day I'll share with you two of the gifts that I was sent.  … [Read more...]

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