Arm & Hammer Laundry Soap – Share Your Dirty Laundry Contest!

From the day I moved out of my parents home, I took on all the jobs that once belonged to my Mom and Grandmother.  Cooking the meals, and cleaning up after.  Vacuuming the floor, scrubbing, even cleaning the toilets, but there is one job that I have yet to be able to master.  One huge monster that has been lingering around now for 12 years.  It's my laundry.  No matter how many loads I do in a day there is always more.  It's like the never ending … [Read more...]

Kung Zhu Contest Closed

My son's eyes grew wide when he came home from school last week and saw the huge tower of boxes lined up on the kitchen table.  A new toy!  But not just a new toy, a chattering, battleing, zhu zhu zhu zhuuming new toy...Kung Zhu Battle arena with armor, tracks, training ground and 2 little critters to battle it out! As soon as William went down for a nap we put to setting up the track, first the arena, then we added the tracks to the … [Read more...]

Eleven Collection – Review & Giveaway

To all my faithful readers, you already know that I swear by the childrens shoes made by Eleven Collection as well as their sister site, See Kai Run and Smaller.  These have been our favorite shoes for almost 2 years.  Every season I'm putting new in style, urban-adorable shoes on my boys.  And all they ever get is compliments.  People actually stop me in the mall to comment on my kids shoes, and of course, how cute my kids are too! Today I … [Read more...]

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