Easter Gift Idea: Treehouse Ultimate Collection Cube from @kaboomkids

Easter is upon us, and aside from Christmas, it is my favorite holiday.  Once again we get to invite a magical character into our home, and our kids get to feel that excitement that goes along with waiting for something special to happen. Our Easter fun includes the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, where the Easter Bunny hides little plastic eggs filled with fun treats (some sweet, some not so sweet) around our home, and each of our boys get a … [Read more...]

Little People® Fun Sounds Farm Review & Giveaway

Timeless Toys. That is the category that the Little People® Fun Sounds Farm falls into.  Timeless.  I remember when I was little, playing with my own (likely second hand) Little People toys, then the kids that I babysat as a teen had them too.  And 10 years ago, when my oldest son was born, I would spend hours on the floor playing Little People with him...and the same with his brother, five years later. Little People®  truly are timeless toys, … [Read more...]

Lunch Box Blahs

Ben has been in school now for 3 weeks, minus the two days he's now missed...croup.  And in every single lunch I've sent the same kind of sandwiches.  He likes them, he eats them (most of the time) but it's the same thing over and over. I like variety.  I like a bit of spice.  I like change. I find it hard to be so un-creative.  I want to send him with a lunch that inspires him!  That is exciting, the kind of lunch that all the kids at his … [Read more...]

Kodak Easy Share Sport Camera

Summer isn't over yet.  Even into the fall the forecast is saying it's going to be HOT HOT HOT for most of Canada, late summer/early fall beach trips will be a must!  If you've got a pool in the back yard, it'll be open a few extra weeks!  Probably making up for the cold introduction into summer that we had.  Either way, there are still lots of opportunities to get outdoors and have fun! What could be more fun than taking pictures in places … [Read more...]

Outdoor Adventure – Eureka Tents!

For the last year, my son Ben has been asking to go camping.  And I wanted nothing more then to fufill his wish.  He started asking last summer, and though I felt bad about saying no, I had a new baby, and I wasn't ready to take a 6 month old out into the woods.  It has been years since I have camped myself, and though I love it (I actually lived in a National Park for a short while) I wasn't prepared for the work that camping with a new baby … [Read more...]

Summer Fun With Name Your Tunes – Contest Closed

Summer is here and we're all trying to squeeze as much as we can into the 2 short months of freedom that we have.  Well, freedom that the kids have.  Somebody's gotta go to work.  All our weekends are booked up with road trips, camping, amusement parks and just about anything else we can find a slot for. Our family hasn't gotten to far just yet this summer.  With my return to work, and Daddies already busy schedule we're pulling at straws … [Read more...]

Corel Paint It! Giveaway Now Closed

The Perfect Picture. We all have one, a picture that we love, of our kids, our parents, our pets.  Somehow we've managed to capture that perfect instant in time and can cherish it forever.  But what now?? We can print it out, frame it, and it can sit there and be admired.  But sometimes that perfect instant deserves more.  That picture needs to stand out from the crowd.  That's where Corel Paint It! comes in.  With just a few easy clicks … [Read more...]

Uncle Ben’s Blog Tour Giveaway Now Closed

Do you ever feel like you need more hours in your day? I do. At least 4 times a week I start my day between 6 and 7am, I turn around and its 4pm. I don't know how I lose the day, or where it goes, but in what seems like only a few hours I manage to completely forget about dinner.  Then, around 4pm I find myself staring into the fridge, hoping that some mysterious healthy meal is just going to jump out at me. It's not easy being a busy … [Read more...]

Step2 Review (Giveaway Is Now Closed)

Wow!  It's been so hot this week!  It's amazing how the weather here in Nova Scotia can change so quickly.  Last week it was dreary and rainy, and all of a sudden we're hittin 30!  Though I'm not a huge fan of the heat, call me a winter girl, but it's great for the kids (sunscreen included). Nice weather and outdoor play make for very happy kids, and this week Ben has had the opportunity to play his little heart out!  Especially since we got … [Read more...]

Misikko Hana Flat Iron Review & Giveaway

Ok, so I'm not really a girly girl...actually, I'm not a girly girl at all.  I'm still in the chaotic Mom world who does everything for her kids, her blog, and, well, everyone else.  At least until last week when I went on my One Perfect Day when everything was about me.  It was strange to be treated so well, and previous to leaving I knew I had to 'fix myself up'.  Though not a girly girl, it does make a girl feel better when she knows she looks … [Read more...]

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