No Badge For You…

That's what I heard.  Not what they said, but what I heard. For six weeks we've spent every morning at the pool.  In Level one.  He's done amazingly well.  Went from not being able to put his face in the water to being able to do a front glide, front swim, front float.  But he can't jump in yet.  And he can't float on his back...and he just doesn't have the self confidence to let go long enough to do it. And I feel like crap.  If you … [Read more...]

Hoppy Easter!

It's almost like Mini Christmas - at least that is how I've been feeling this Easter.  Between the crazy traffic, the swamped shopping malls and the money spent, I'm exhausted. Thursday I went shopping to pick up Ben and Wil's Easter treats.  I spent $80...That Is INSANE.  Spoiled Mr. Ben is getting a DS Game ($33) A Chocolate Bunny and Chocolate Eggs for the hunt.  He's also getting Bubbles and a Coloring Kit.  From his G'ma he's getting an … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Where I Come From…

This is the house that my Grandmother lived in.  This is where she raised her 5 children, and where she took care of My sister and I when we were small and Mom was working.  Most of my childhood memories are from this house.  In the distance there is a railroad track.  The train ran when I was small and I'll never forget the sound.  The train no longer runs there anymore, the only thing you'll find is an abundance of wild blueberry and blackberry … [Read more...]

Well…I’m Here

After two days of complete and utter frustration on my part, I am now officially on wordpress.  I have to say about an hour into the change I was regretting my decision, but thanks to some wonderful friends the chaos is beginning to clear and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Now - to get back to our regularly scheduled program... Remember the boy in the cast??? Yeah - he's mine.  We went today for an x-ray in hopes of getting … [Read more...]

What a busy weekend Mixing a few posts into one! Contest winner, and a new contest!!

I have to say, I have not been so tired as I am right now in a long time. As some of you know, I have recently taken over my step fathers Billiards Club. My working hours have more than doubled, and I am tired. I have to ask, how do people who work full time with young kids do it?? My space is a mess. My laundry pile has gone from my knees to my waist. I've made 1 home cooked meal in the last week. (And boy was it yummy) And most of all, I miss … [Read more...]

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