Pirate Theme Treasure Hunt for Easter!

What do pirates and Easter have in common? Nothing... At least not usually.  This year is different though..this year hubby and I are summoning our inner pirate and creating an elaborate, high tech, treasure/egg hunt for Easter...I'm slightly excited. Both my boys love pirates, and chocolate, and candy...and summer toys.  So this year we are omitting the traditional Easter baskets and using these fab crates that I bought at … [Read more...]

Hallmark for Easter

So I don't know if you've noticed but on my sidebar there is a long purple button, showing you that I'm a member of the Press Pause Panel.  I might be slightly excited about this.  For one, I love celebrating.  Weather it be a birthday party of a homecoming, or just celebrating the day because we have it.  And as you already know, Hallmark has something for every occasion. Well Easter is When???  This weekend!!  Oh wow, I'm not ready!! I'd … [Read more...]

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