Bananadoodles {Cookie Recipe}

I've been on the hunt for a lower calorie cookie.  One that can sooth my craving for a late night snack, but wont leave shamed for breaching my calorie count for the day.  Something that I can have one or two for a snack, smile and move on.  Simple, and delicious.  So I started scouring the internet for cookie recipes, and there were tons and tons of recipes full of this and that and the other thing.  But the lowest calorie cookie I could find … [Read more...]

Hoppy Easter!

It's almost like Mini Christmas - at least that is how I've been feeling this Easter.  Between the crazy traffic, the swamped shopping malls and the money spent, I'm exhausted. Thursday I went shopping to pick up Ben and Wil's Easter treats.  I spent $80...That Is INSANE.  Spoiled Mr. Ben is getting a DS Game ($33) A Chocolate Bunny and Chocolate Eggs for the hunt.  He's also getting Bubbles and a Coloring Kit.  From his G'ma he's getting an … [Read more...]

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