Unwrap the Kinder Surprise to Win! {March 16th – 31st!}

Everone loves a great contest, and I am Egg-cited to share with you this fantastic new contest from Kinder Surprie! The Unwrap To Win Conest on Kinder's Facebook Page! How does $3000 to do something fun with your family sound?  I know...it sounds amazing, right!  It's a great start to planning a summer vacation, or a little something to put away towards a winter vacation next year.  $3000 to do something fun!  Oh the ideas! Well, right now … [Read more...]

A Boost For Small Business

When the market fell, many people found themselves without a job.  Without their retirement savings.  Without a plan.  Even though the world wide recession wasn't as bad in Canada as in many other places.  We still felt it.  And being the strong Canadians we are, we rose to the challenge of creating new opportunities for ourselves.  Over the past few years, new small businesses have  been popping up everywhere.  Creating jobs, fufilling dreams, … [Read more...]

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