Fibre 1; A Healthy Start

How does your morning begin? Rude awakening from the alarm clock, followed by a rushed morning of getting everyone out the door on time.  Do you get up before the rest of the house to sneak a little me time in? Go for a run, or greet the sun with yogaic salutations? Or do you crawl out of bed after hitting snooze for the third time and drag yourself to the coffee machine. During the chaos of the wee hours of the morning, while you're faced … [Read more...]

Breakfast! or Lack There Of

I don't eat breakfast. I know, I really should. It is the Most Important Meal Of The Day. I think it comes from being a kid and being told that I had too. By commercials, by parents and teachers, and that rebellious side of me just said no. But now, as an adult and a mother, I know the importance of it, but haven't yet figured out how to incorperate it into my day. I feed my kids (well, my toddler) breakfast. My oldest refuses it, just … [Read more...]

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