Wordless Wednesday – Halls Harbour NS

About 20 minutes away there is a beautiful place.  The gateway from my home town to the Atlantic Ocean.  Halls Harbour Nova Scotia.  The other night it was just too hot to stay home, so we headed off to the ocean to cool off.  We were lucky, we got there just at High Tide, and sunset.  It was Williams first time diping his feet in the ocean, and it's one of Ben's favorite places to go.  A few times I overheard him saying "I love listening to the … [Read more...]

Corel Paint It! Giveaway Now Closed

The Perfect Picture. We all have one, a picture that we love, of our kids, our parents, our pets.  Somehow we've managed to capture that perfect instant in time and can cherish it forever.  But what now?? We can print it out, frame it, and it can sit there and be admired.  But sometimes that perfect instant deserves more.  That picture needs to stand out from the crowd.  That's where Corel Paint It! comes in.  With just a few easy clicks … [Read more...]

When Did You Grow Up?

The first of many..... That is what my mother said as we were sitting in the auditorium, waiting for it to start.  Waiting to see my little boy file in, wearing his little Graduation Cap.  Last week we went to see my little boy graduate from PreSchool.  It seems like only a few weeks ago I was in tears, sending him off to be enriched by someone who wasn't family.  I can't believe just how fast this school year went by. It was only two days … [Read more...]

If 30 Is The New 20….

Then Why Can't I Do Cartwheels Anymore????? Seriously! Sunday past I was enjoying some time at the park with the boys and my sister.  It was her last day in town, and it was Georgous outside...a day that must be spent in the sun.  Ben was having a blast playing with his aunti KiKi, running around the equipment and monopolizing her time...He doesn't like sharing his aunti with his baby brother...."Give Wil Back To Mom!!" is a common phrase … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Ben!

Wow, A milestone. Today you are 5 years old. I can't believe you've been in our lives for so long, but yet I can't seem to remember life without you. You Rock! You are THE BEST BEN in the whole wide world and we love you sooooo much. You came into this world like a bullet...going through molasses. You were due on May 3rd. Daddy and I went Camera Shopping that day. We were buying our very first Digital Camera. We had to have one to document … [Read more...]

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