Progress on our Backyard Makeover #LoveLowes

By Ally Banks I need to make a confession.  Since I’ve been partnering with Lowes on this project, I’ve spent every Friday night visiting my local store, trying to make up my mind as to what we really need, vs. what we really want.  And when I’m not there, I’m spending endless hours the website, planning and dreaming of my backyard space. I want a destination to put my feet up and relax at the end of the day, but I need a great … [Read more...]

Rapunzel Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair… #DreamBigPrincess {Giveaway}

This was one of my favorite fairy tales as a little girl. It seemed magical.  A girl living high a top a tower, her prince rescuing her... and beautiful hair that went on for miles. I had long hair when I was a little girl... and bunk beds were my tower. I'll never forget the time when my son and I went to see a screening of Tangled. I walked out of that movie, eyes red from crying. And I certainly wasn't alone. Many of the moms were wiping … [Read more...]

Say Yes to the Mess – #PGMOM {Giveaway}

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.   It's a given, my kids are messy.  I was used to that. It wasn't until we welcomed Anya into our home that I truly understood the term mess. Who is Anya? Anya is our Bernese Mountain Dog. She was re-homed to us about a year … [Read more...]

A Few Tips To Get You Through Allergy Season #ONatural

It is officially allergy season. Though, I have to say I think it is truly unfair. It is still far too cold here to be dealing with runny noses from allergies. We've still got runny noses from winter! None-the -less, the   pollen is flying through the air, the Goldenrod are in full bloom and I have the sniffles. Getting through allergy season is a lot like getting through winter. It's something you just have to deal with or escape from through … [Read more...]

kartSTART by Toyota is coming to Scotia Speedworld.

Everyday I look at my oldest son...the boy who is nearly as tall as I am, but just turned 11.  The one I call my man child due to his height and the mustash he's sporting.... Everyday I look at him and wonder what happened to my little boy... just when did he go from toddler to teen? Soon he'll be going to dances, dating, showering without a fight.  Soon he'll be driving a car. And though I may not be ready for such a transition, it is my … [Read more...]

On Sibling Rivalry… #StreamTeam

I thought I was being smart. With nearly five years between them they should really have nothing in common. Nothing to fight over. To be perfectly honest I thought that with such a huge gap between them, they would barely be aware the other exhisted. Except maybe at meal times. That, however, is not at all the way it turned 0ut.  From the moment they wake up to the moment I split them up to go to their own rooms at night... they bicker. … [Read more...]

Inspiration #LoveLowes

By Ally Banks Now that winter is finally gone, it’s time to think about summer! I’m beyond excited to partner with Lowes this year to refresh my backyard into a destination to relax this summer.  With baby number two arriving on the first full day of summer, our days of enjoying summer nights will only happen in our own space.  Leaving the house will be considered a luxury. With 99% of our house becoming a playground, art school, movie … [Read more...]

Andrew Farrell’s Smoky Cauli-power Mac & Cheese Recipe

Ok.  So I have never really been super creative when it comes to Mac & Cheese.  Honestly... I usually let my mother make it.  Shhh...don't tell anyone.   I just could never really do it "right".  Ether my sauce was lumpy or my noodles over cooked.  But when I heard about the recent Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-Off (YES - that is a cook-off featuring Mac & Cheese! I want a front row seat next year!!) I knew I just had give it another go.  So … [Read more...]

Black Forest Shake… Yes Please! #ONatural

Summer is coming!  Ahh!!  I gained a bit of weight this winter.  Okay, okay... I gained a lot of weight this winter.  The cheeseburgers at the restaurant that I work at were calling my name and I wasn't strong enough to fight off the urge.  But about a month ago I got on the work out wagon and I've been retraining myself to get healthy... again. All winter long I was dragging my butt around.  Very little energy.  Going up the steps made my legs … [Read more...]

It’s Been ONE Year! Anniversary Celebration! {Giveaway!}

Disclaimer: I am an Independent Tupperware Consultant. I will earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking the links in this post. The giveaway at the bottom of this post is sponsored by me and will be fulfilled by me.  This post and this giveaway is not sponsored in any way by Tupperware.  I just spent the last hour outside, in the sun, raking.  I soaked up every single ray that I could.  At first, I was chilly, but quickly, under … [Read more...]

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