Rainy Day

Well, Yesterday It rained. And rained, and rained. But for little boog's like mine, those are the best kind of days. Ben had a ball jumping and splashing in the puddles. I think he hit every puddle for 1.5Km. We had to walk from Mommy's work to Daddy's work, and we had a ball. We were even offered a ride, and turned it down, though it was appreciated. Check out some of Ben's Rainy Day Fun. He went through 2 pairs of pants yesterday. But it was … [Read more...]

It’s Sunday…Freebie Recap & Contest

I've decided that every Sunday I will recap all the Freebies and almost freebies our family has received over the past week. As posted in an earlier entry, Ben received his prizes from Chapmans Kids Club. They included a beach ball, 6 markers and a Highlighter in the shape of a star. He was thrilled to get mail. :) Daddy and Mommy on the go each received a sample pack from P&G Brand Sampler, those included 2 Gillette Fusion Razors, 1 … [Read more...]

Sid the science kid…and another contest from Kim

As you've read in the past...I really enjoy the Mommy Knows website. I was thrilled to see a new post for the New Upcoming PBSKids show Sid The Science Kid. When I showed Ben the website, he was quite excited about it. Check out MommyKnows for more information on Sid the Science Kid. … [Read more...]

Fungi Frenzi

The Great Toadstool Hunt! Holy Toadstool!! Ben and I had a bit of a toadstool frenzi today. There was a giant toadstool that shot up in the front yard over the last two days and I had to get a picture of it. I would bet that this toadstool could have been seen from three or four houses away.  Toadstools are kind of amazing aren't they?  They just seem to pop up out of no where. This is Ben and the Giant Toadstool. He poked and prodded … [Read more...]

New toys for Mommy and Daddy on the go!!

OMG...I am still reeling over this one. OK, so I was in need of a cell phone with plan. I've put if off for this long and I finally gave in. First I went to Alient (now Bell) because I knew one of the ladies working there. I waited for 15 min while she finished with another client (with my 3yr old ds in a shopping cart) and I walked up to her, and she looked at me and said "I was off @ 5, I'll be back tomorrow" I said " Good Enough " and … [Read more...]

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