Sweet Noel

The holidays are officially here. I’m excited to share my recent partnership with Lowe’s on how I went from having a collection of hand me down holiday pieces to having a complete collection that is sweet as it’s name. Sweet Noel  is fun for the kids but with a vintage twist, brings out the kid in all of us. And since we know kids = no time, Lowe’s has pulled it all together for us for easy decorating! Follow Lowe’s on social media / Facebook … [Read more...]

Winter is Coming and The Weather Network’s Forecast is Here.

It’s a routine. I wake up to the alarm on my phone at 6:30am.  I check my messages, did the school text?  Is it a snow day?  Then I make my way over to The Weather Network app.  What are the temps today?  Warm, cold, bitter?  How will I plan the day’s cloths for the kids, and for me?  I crawl out of bed… Coffee. Just a week ago, the trees were still wearing at least half of their leaves, then when I woke this morning, I noticed that they’re … [Read more...]

Mabel’s Labels – Holiday Gift Guide

  *Disclosure - As a Mabel's Labels affiliate I will make a commission if you make a purchase after clicking the links within this post.  Thank you for your continued support of the A Busy Mommy Blog. They're here, they're here!  The holidays are OFFICIALLY here!  And YES, I realize that "it's not even December yet", my kids remind me daily... shortly there after I remind my lovely children that as the Christmas lover of the house, it … [Read more...]

Fun for all the family: Vacation in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may not necessarily be a city associated with a family holiday, but in recent years the city has become a more family friendly place. Alongside the warm weather and easy access by plane, this desert resort is a great place to take the family thanks to attractions like the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. Costing $59 a head (nothing for kids aged three and under), it offers sword fighting and jousting knights as well as a three-course … [Read more...]

October 9th – 15th is Fire Prevention Week

Disclosure: We have partnered with Duracell to bring you the following message... As a little girl I loved going to school. But the one week that was truly exciting was Fire Prevention Week.  Back in those days rules and regulations were a bit more lax, and our small school got to do something that many others never did... We got to go for a ride on the fire trucks... We were on them, in them, it was so much fun.  Memories I'll never ever … [Read more...]

Take Advantage of the Helpers – Classico’s New Bolognese Sauce #WhatsCooking

Busy. We thrive on it don't we? We work hard, leave little time for play, and have ourselves scheduled to the max.  This whole business of adulting is hard, especially when we are resonsible for keeping our kids healthy and happy too. It didn't take me long in my role of chief mom to learn that I needed help.  And  that I needed to take advantage of the helper products that are out there. For years, a favorite helper of mine was Classico … [Read more...]

Cybertip.ca Every Click Helps #ctipday2016

It’s a feeling deep down in the pit of your stomach.  Something isn’t right.  That picture looked a bit off, and isn’t telling the whole story. Your intuition is screaming at you to do something, but your fear of over reacting, or getting pulled into a mess-that-isn’t-yours takes over.  What if it really isn’t anything? What if it is? Cybertip.ca, operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection,is an integral part of the Government of … [Read more...]


Love ❤ autumn A photo posted by Jen Banks (@abusymommy) on Oct 15, 2015 at 6:51am PDT It happened overnight. All of a sudden there was a chill in the air.  Leaves, golden and amber following an unseen path along the ground.  Autumn has arrived. Along with the breeze and the chill comes the true harvest veggies.  The hearty root vegetables that will sustain us through the long, cold winter.  At least, that's what they're … [Read more...]

The Kids Go Back To School… I Go Back To Netflix #StreamTeam

It's been 10 very long weeks. Sure, we've played outside, made some memories, had some laughs... but now, I get to go back to my every day routine of housework and Netflix while they're at school.  I have a LONG list of shows I just cannot wait to watch... and rewatch. I finished Star Trek Voyager earlier this year, and have been wanting to watch Star Trek Enterprise... Full Disclosure - I didn't watch Enterprise when it aired on TV - so this … [Read more...]

Introducing MOANA #DisneyMovie

Walt Disney Animation Studios' new feature film "Moana" is about an adventurous teenager who, with help from demigod Maui, sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and save her people. If you have been around A Busy Mommy for the last 10 years, you know that I adore Disney.  This preview landed in my inbox yesterday and I couldn't help but share it.  I'll be at the theater opening night for this one! Three … [Read more...]

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