Disney Obsessed

Over the past few weeks I've been obsessed with Disney.  Seriously obsessed.  Day in and day out, all I can think about is taking my kids to Disney World again.  I think, actually, I know that my obsession stems from our visit to Disney World just one year ago.  One year ago, at this very minute I was in Florida, somewhere engulfed in the Disney Magic. Over the past week I've noticed little memorabilia that we brought home.  Little tidbits of … [Read more...]

Why Toddlers Will Not Sleep?

I'm asking the question, not answering it.  Because I am far from the toddler whisperer when it comes to getting my children to sleep.  Complete other side of the spectrum actually.  Every night we go through the same motions, the same routines, and every night we fight for this miniature little man to fall off to dream land.  Same goes for the big boy too.  Both of my children will fight off sleep like the plague. Some might say, "They just … [Read more...]

#EqualCanada and #CBias… The Hunt For Equal

Recently I was given the task of hunting for Equal brand sweetener in my local restaurants.  I use sweetener every day.  I use it in my coffee mostly, and with two children, I drink LOTS of coffee.  I have to admit, my very favorite place to enjoy a steaming hot Latté is McDonald's.  So today, New Years Day...with everything else in town closed for the holiday, I ventured into the busy McCafé in search of Equal. Myself alone with my two … [Read more...]

Beauty and the Beast in Disney Digital 3D

I love everything Disney, truly I do.  So when I heard that my all time favorite Disney movie is coming back to theatre's this winter, this time in Disney Digital 3D, I may have possibly smiled ear to ear.  I'm going.  When it opens in theatre on January 13, 2012 I will be there.  Ben will be my date, and we'll have a night full of Disney fun. Some of you are going to see this movie before I am. I am just a little bit jealous.  There is a … [Read more...]

New Years Party Planning with President’s Choice

Christmas may be over, but we still have more parties to plan!  With New Year's Eve just a few short days away, now is the time to get your body moving to SuperStore and pick up all the things you need to make your New Year's Eve spectacular! Whether you are planning to have 4 people, or 40, you can get everything you need from the President's Choice line of products to make your evening a smashing success. Here are a few simple tips to … [Read more...]

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