And Finally, A Day Off …What’s For Supper

I am so happy to finally have a day off. I have a lot I want to accomplish, so I thought I might try to plan my day out here. I want to make at least 3 different suppers and freeze them, with Mommy and Daddy working 90+ hours a week between us, Ben has not had the healthiest of meals. (And neither have we) So, I am going to attempt have suppers cooked so the nights that I works wont be so rotten for Ben. I plan to make... Beef Stew … [Read more...]

My Trip to the Dentist (Contest Continues)

Well, as some of you know, I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in 17 years. I know, that's horrible of me, considering we've had a decent dental plan for at least the last 2 years, if not a little longer. So my first visit included counting of my teeth, an x-ray on each side, and a counting of cavities. LOL, I'm ashamed to say that I have 7 cavities. And they say I'll need at least 3 cleanings. Thank goodness for the plan. … [Read more...]

What a busy weekend Mixing a few posts into one! Contest winner, and a new contest!!

I have to say, I have not been so tired as I am right now in a long time. As some of you know, I have recently taken over my step fathers Billiards Club. My working hours have more than doubled, and I am tired. I have to ask, how do people who work full time with young kids do it?? My space is a mess. My laundry pile has gone from my knees to my waist. I've made 1 home cooked meal in the last week. (And boy was it yummy) And most of all, I miss … [Read more...]

New Winner for last weeks contest( And this weeks contest continues).

Due to a lack of response from last weeks Freebie Recap Contest, a new winner has been drawn from the remaining contestants. Ben has picked imanoptimisticbeauty to be the winner. Congratulations Jamie. Do you have a Lush close to you?? The contest was for a $10 Lush e/giftcard. Might I suggest the gift card as I just received an order from lush and HOLY OVER PACKAGING. I tiny little box came inside a box twice the size of a shoe box. I'm going to … [Read more...]


My space is a mess!! I have been working or running for too many days straight, I need a day just for housework. My laundry is up to my knees, my bed goes unmade, the floor needs to be cleaned. LOL. Working this much SUCKS. I want to be home more. I think I need some organizational help. I've just finished blogging on CleanCanada about my Green Pick of the Week, Bohemian Bubbles. A locally made Goats Milk Soap that I have fallen in love with. … [Read more...]

Pretty Flowers, a rainy night and a gift from a stranger

This is a picture of Mum's that I purchased yesterday. I love to take pictures of flowers. They are so perfect! Last night was a very rainy night. It poured for hours. Both the above and below picture were taken with maximum flash and the camera facing upwards. The flash reflected off the rain drops allowing me to photograph them. I love it!! And finally a gift from a stranger. Yesterday a gentleman came into my place of work. He was waiting … [Read more...]

Sunday Freebie Recap and A new Contest

Well, today is Sunday, Recap day. It wasn't the greatest week for receiving freebies. But I did manage to squeeze out a few. The first is a voucher for a free manicure or peticure from Herbal Essences. For more details, check it out here. The other Freebie we received was a SCOP (Scanning Code of Practice) Ben wanted this toy by Matchbox, which is really neat. It folds up into it's own carrying case for easy storage. Though I will warn you, … [Read more...]

It’s Sunday Again…Last Weeks Winner Is

Can you believe it's Sunday Again? OMGosh where does the time go?? I know, your all wondering who wins the Lush Gift card. Well, Ben drew a name out of a hat! And the winner is...iamanoptimisticbeauty Jamie, you have until Saturday September 13th to claim your prize. In the event that the winner does not claim their prize in the given timeframe, a new winner will be drawn on Thursday September 11th. Please email me at … [Read more...]

Vélodrome d’Hiver…Sarah’s Key Contest

Vélodrome d'Hiver-Ever Heard of it? Neither have I. When Jamie posted about the novel 'Sarah's Key' she peaked my interest. Written by Tatiana de Rosnay about the life of two girls. One living in today's Paris, the other in occupied France during the Second World War. Written about "Rafle du Vel' d'Hiv" or "Vel' d'Hiv round-up". A holding camp for Thousands of Jews durring the Second World War, in occupied France. If this peaks your interest … [Read more...]

Our Adventure

Ben and I decided to go for an Adventure today. We took a walk through the paths in the wooded area by our house. We were looking for Toadstools, Salamanders, Squirrels, Chipmunks, and Bears and Moose according to Ben. We spent about an hour out playing in the woods. It rained a little but we were well covered by trees. I love Trees. I'm teaching Ben to be a tree hugger, but I think I've told you that already. So, we found some interesting … [Read more...]

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