Blog is going through some changes.

Just wanted to give a heads up that I am changing the layout of my blog. All links and buttons will be re-added over the next day or two. I found some neat templates at and I decided to use one or two of them. Have a great night everyone, check back tomorrow for the complete new look!! … [Read more...]

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a phone…contest continues

At 9am my phone starts. Ring, Ring, Ring..."Hello" and all I hear on the other end is emptiness. Does this ever happen to you? Of course it does. If I was to guess, our house probably gets at least 10 calls from Nobody. Well, to me it is nobody, because if I don't hear someone return my hello, I hang up. The odd time I'll hang around, wait the 15 to 20 seconds for the recording to start, just to find out who it is...and usually, I have just won a … [Read more...]

Scrabble Tile Pendant….Contest Continues

First of all, I have to thank Jamie over at A Bargain Hunting Mommy On The Go for introducing me to this product. She found it at Everything Up Close. So I'll thank Ihchiky as well. I am so glad that I was introduced to this product. I was very excited to see that my mail carrier left this in the mail today. Mark and Stefani over at Home Studio have come up the a brilliant Idea. Scrabble Tile Pendants. There are so many different pendants to … [Read more...]

Link to a contest, and Mommies with Cents…contest continues

While I was surfing through some blogs today I came across Mommies With Cents. Their current post is a contest for your choice of two beautiful journal from Between Me and You. I was thrilled to find this as I would love to have these books for my son Ben. I think they are a wonderful idea to help bridge the gap between generations. I have added these books to my list of gift possibilities and bookmarked their site. Contest closes on Friday … [Read more...]

Christmas is Coming, the goose is getting fat…(contest continues)

Well, we don't eat Goose around here, but a great big turkey will do the trick. The Christmas Season is fast approaching (only 86 days) so there are a few things I've decided to start doing. At the beginning of the year I started saving for my "Freebie Christmas" And I have done quite well, though I know of others (on Frugal) who are doing wonderful. I have over $300 is giftcards and free Items that I have received to put towards my freebie … [Read more...]

Sunday Freebie Recap and Contest Continues and a Hurricane

What did your mailman bring you this week?? This week was ok, not great, but ok. We received an OB tampon sample with a cute little case. A $10 Kent Giftcard from MooseHead Premium Dry and a Five Star 1 Subject notebook from Mead Money Maddness. Right now Hurricane Kyle is just starting to hit us here in Nova Scotia. I'm not sure how much online time I'll get tonight as their is a huge chance of the power going out. To everyone in the … [Read more...]

Give Away Saturday…. (contest continues)

Well, it's Saturday... Once again. Now, I don't have a give away myself (besides the ongoing one for the mani/peti) , but I have found a few I'd like to pass on to you. First of all, while browsing the blogs I enjoy reading I came upon a great give away. You can find it over at Everything Up Close. The Give Away is to Celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Michelle Christina Online store. Michelle Christina offers many beautiful wall decals … [Read more...]

TOYS!!! (Contest Continues)

With the pending Holiday/Toy Season quickly approaching I decided it was time to go through the toys that belong to my dear Ben. Well, for an only child, he has enough toys to run a daycare. I have bought many, as well as family and then the hand me downs. I just don't know what to do with them all. Ben is 3, He has the Lego from when I was a kid (Lots, I loved the stuff). But he's really too young to put it to good use. But, at least once a … [Read more...]

And Finally, A Day Off …What’s For Supper

I am so happy to finally have a day off. I have a lot I want to accomplish, so I thought I might try to plan my day out here. I want to make at least 3 different suppers and freeze them, with Mommy and Daddy working 90+ hours a week between us, Ben has not had the healthiest of meals. (And neither have we) So, I am going to attempt have suppers cooked so the nights that I works wont be so rotten for Ben. I plan to make... Beef Stew … [Read more...]

My Trip to the Dentist (Contest Continues)

Well, as some of you know, I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in 17 years. I know, that's horrible of me, considering we've had a decent dental plan for at least the last 2 years, if not a little longer. So my first visit included counting of my teeth, an x-ray on each side, and a counting of cavities. LOL, I'm ashamed to say that I have 7 cavities. And they say I'll need at least 3 cleanings. Thank goodness for the plan. … [Read more...]

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