Back to School with Blackberry Playbook 2.0

Our children are growing up in a world so different from our own.  A world where chalk boards are no longer used, smart boards are the new chalk boards...lessons come from websites, directed by teachers, and a computer is the new #2 pencil.  The world has changed, dramatically.  I remember when my high school got all new computers, and the seinors weren't allowed to use them... We were told that it was too late for us to learn the new … [Read more...]

Go Back To School with Clearasil {Giveaway}

Going back to school can be stressful. Especially for our kids in the tween years. Leaving grade school for middle or high school, it's a hole new world. One thing that tends to come along with the teen years is acne. I can't say I know a single person who can say they have never suffered. I myself still suffer, and went thought high school with a horrible skin problem.  Only since I've become an adult has it gotten better, but still...I flare … [Read more...]

Back To School with Sharpie {Giveaway}

When I was a kid, I loved everything about going back to school.  The new beginning, new teachers, new projects, and the new stuff!  My mother intentionally waited to take us Back To School shopping until at least 2 weeks before school began, just because she knew there was no way I could leave all my new things alone for very long. My favorite thing to do before that first day was get my binders ready.   I would open my packages of loose leaf … [Read more...]

Dino Dan on DVD

My oldest child Ben is a little sponge for knowledge.  Especially when it comes to animals.  When I put a documentary (yes, he's 7 and watches documentaries) on netflix or on TV, he sits there, naming off the animals that he sees...and he even knows the strange ones...the ones that I even I have no clue what they are. He can tell you the name of every shark just by their looks, he knows the under the sea creatures too...again, even the really … [Read more...]

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I don't allow myself that much time to read.  I don't have that much time to give.  I adore a great book, a story I can get lost in, but that in itself is why I don't do it.  But, I couldn't help myself.  The Hunger Games are not just a trilogy, but a life changing experience.  You see, a really good book is one that draws you in, when you close it the only thing on your mind is getting back to it, as soon as possible.  This is the exact effect … [Read more...]

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