Cleaning Up Christmas

It has been a fantastic couple of weeks.  All the last minute running around late night wrapping sessions are officially over.   Now it is time to clean up Christmas.  With all the new toys that have found their way into my home, I need to take my house back.  Today my tree will come down, the decorations packed away not to be seen for another year.  I admit, I'll be sad to see some of my favorite things go away.  Like the garland that my mother … [Read more...]

Back to School with Old Navy {Twitter Contest}

They're going back to school! As I'm sure you are well aware of by now, this is my favorite shopping season. Not only for the paper and books, but the clothes!  Oh the clothes! I love buying new clothes.  Though most of them go to my kids now, and very few for me, I still love the entire experience.  Trying them on, matching this top with those jeans...oh!  And don't forget the shoes!  Whether they're for me or the's just plain fun. … [Read more...]

Back To School with New Balance {Giveaway 2 Winners}

Quality counts. Last school year I purchased Ben two pair of sneakers for school.  The first was a generic brand, at a big box store...those were for indoor.  I though I could get away with a cheaper pair, because there is less wear and tear inside.  The second was a pair of quality, New Balance sneakers. Those first pair...the cheaper ones...I had to replace them.  With only a few months left to the school year, I had to fork out more … [Read more...]

Back To School with Mabel’s Labels {Giveaway}

Over the years I have posted about Mabel's Labels quite a few times.  And each and every year I will remind you once again that it is time to get those Ultimate Back To School packs ordered!  Why? Because kids lose stuff.  Heck, sometimes it isn't the kids...I lose stuff.  And that mountainous lost and found pile at the school of look a like sweaters, sneakers and shorts becomes a much less daunting task when you know your kids stuff is … [Read more...]

Nickelodeon’s Winx Club {Giveaway}

I love my boys...truly I do.  But one of the things I always looked forward to before I became a mom was playing with dolls with my little girl.  Roll playing and brushing their hair.  Dressing, and undressing.  I always thought that I would have a little girl to do this with, but nature handed me a heart full of testosterone, and I love them to bits. So, I tend to use other peoples little girls to get my 'little girl fix' in when I feel the … [Read more...]

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