Join the #LetsDoPicnic Twitter Party June 24th at 8pm ET

It's the Twitter Party that will make your summer! Join all your favourite brands – @MapleLeafFoods,@PepsiCanada, @LaysCanada, @TostitosCanada and @WonderBreadCA for the #LetsDoPicnic Twitter Party on Wednesday, June 24th at 8pm EDT!   Is your summer spent on the deck?  The beach?  Is picnic food your staple go-to all summer long? Me too. Have a question about picnic foods?  Well wth the help of our special guest Chef Andrea … [Read more...]

Join the #ThankYouMom Twitter Party on Monday June 22nd

Becoming an olympian is not something you do alone.  You have a team  behind you cheering you have a mom behind you. She picks you up when you fall and is cheering the loudest when you win. She's there to wipe every drip of sweat, and every tear drop.  It's not easy to become an olympian, and being the mom behind the olympian is no easy feat either. Early mornings heading to practice before school starts. Cooking special meals throughout … [Read more...]

RSVP for the @WalmartCanada #HowToSpring Twitter Party

Let's Celebrate!  Winter is finally over. It's time to open up those windows and wipe the long harsh remnants of winter away!  Baseboards, walls, windows... they all need a little TLC.  And now (before it's really beautiful outside) is the time to GET. IT. DONE. Do you have a long to-do list of things to clean?  An even longer list of the stuff you need to pick up to make light of all that spring cleaning work that needs to be done?  Well, … [Read more...]

RSVP for the #cleanwater Twitter Chat Feb 25th 8PM EST

A tall glass of cold water. So easy.  Just turn the tap and pour.  Nothing could be much simpler than a glass of least that is the way for us in Canada. Did you know that right now there are 1 million people who don't have easy access to clean water?  Did you know that 80% of Canadians take clean drinking water for granted? I do.  I would be lying if I said I didn't. Even though there are one billion people in the … [Read more...]

RSVP for the #CommonCentsDay Twitter Party

November is financial literacy month, and P&G is launching Use Your Common Cents Day on NOVEMBER 4th to educate Canadians on saving made simple.  To celebrate, we're throwing a Twitter party!  Join us as we  share helpful tips and tricks on how you can use your common sense when it comes to budgeting.   One of the easiest place to start cutting costs is in your home.  Little changes in your grocery bill can make a big difference over … [Read more...]

RSVP for the #MomOfTheYear Twitter Party with Walmart Canada

Chances are, you know a Mom that rocks. One who goes above and beyond.  Maybe helping out at school, or volunteering her time.  Maybe she has made taken on the world to make much needed changes...mabye she just deserves to be recognized.  Maybe it's you.  Maybe it's your mom. In honour of all that moms make such a mark on all those around them, @WalmartCanada is pleased to host the #MomoftheYear Twitter Party, celebrating all Canadian moms, … [Read more...]

It’s a #UsedParty…. The BIG DEAL Twitter Party

Save the date and plan your meals now, because this Thursday night (August 21st) at 9pm EST/6pm PST we're having the #UsedParty!  Are you the queen of finding the best deals?  Can you turn trash into treasure with a can of spray paint and some mod podge?  Then take a look below and plan to be at the Twitter Party that is Just For You!  BUT FIRST! Go take the Big Deal Personality Quiz and find out just what kind of shopper you … [Read more...]

Get Your Granny Panties Ready! It’s A #Stayfree Twitter Party

We've all got at least one pair.  You know, the ones tucked so far back in your underwear drawer that you have to reach elbow deep to find them.  Yea!  Those ones!  The ones featuring more fabric than your latest bathing suite.  It is time to retire the granny panties, and we're all going to do it together....Twitter Party Style! The Details When: July 23rd at 9 pm ET - 10:15 pm ET. Where: Twitter! Be sure to follow the #Stayfree … [Read more...]

Save The Date! It’s A Twitter Party Devoted to PIE! #LongLivePie!!!

For a while there if felt like they were slipping away.  They were just too simple for todays over-stimulated-over-dressed-super-pretentious desserts. But those overzealous desserts just can't top the best.  And we all know, the best is PIE.  There is just nothing better than sitting down after a good meal with a cuppa coffee and a slice of chilled McCain Deep ‘n Delicious Double Chocolate Cream Pie.  It's the perfect, stress free … [Read more...]

Save The Date! Tenderflake #BakewithStyle Twitter Party Wednesday April 9th!

There is nothing I love better than creating a new dessert to enjoy with my family.  On occasion I pull out all the stops and create something amazing...but I never ever tell my secrets.  I am  a fan of taking help where ever I can get it, and yes, that most certainly includes in the kitchen.  Tenderflake has been a huge part of my baking life since I made my first lemon tart. Tenderflake knows how good you feel when you #BakewithStyle and … [Read more...]

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