Bedtime Made Easy with cloud b & Twilight Turtle Tunes {Giveaway}

My four year old is an adventerous little man.  He loves to play make believe, and he can go all day.  From the moment he wakes up in the morning he is running around, singing songs and making up stories.  Building blocks and knocking them over.  He has a memory that I would give my right arm for.  And when bedtime rolls around, he is quite exhausted most days, and drifts off to sleep rather easily. It isn't always that easy though.  Sometimes … [Read more...]


My six year old son Ben is growing up far too quickly.  Many of his most prized possessions, his most beloved toys are growing dusty.  Passed over far too often for the video games and chapter books, movies and computer time.  Recently, due to bad behavior we took away all of his technology, and his play time was left to toys that run on the power of imagination. It really didn't take him long to find something worth playing with.  Over the … [Read more...]

Little People

Last week I asked a simple question on Twitter, What is your favorite Fisher Price Toy... Now, I can't say that I was surprised by the response, mainly because I am in complete agreement with them...Little People. I've loved little people since I was the one playing with them...(ok, maybe I still do, but that's besides the point!)  When Ben was small,  one of the first toys I bought for him was a little people set, Noah's Ark if I remember … [Read more...]

The Power Of Play

It's well known that children learn so much through play.  They learn how to harness the power of their imagination, and bring the things they dream up into real life.  And all it takes is a few good toys. My son, who will turn 6 in May, loves toys that you build with.  Toys that may come with instructions, but are more fun when you don't follow them.  And since being a part of the Fisher Price Play Panel, we've been introduced to a few … [Read more...]

I’m A Fisher Price Mom

Really, I always have been. Growing up we always had Fisher Price toys.  From farms to little people, music boxes to heck...everything was Fisher Price back then.  My mom preferred to buy a product that she knew had value.  Toys that last!  And now my kids are enjoying the wonders of Fisher Price.  They have the Little People Farm, The Little People Arc, Ride on toys, Push lawn mowers, that noisy ball popper vacuum thingy.  They even have a … [Read more...]

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