The Kids Lunch Box To Have, – Enter To Win!

I try out a lot of products through out my days.  From clothes to accessories, from kitchen stuff to baby things.  Some of them I love, some of them not so much.  Some of them never get used again.  Easy Lunch Boxes are at the top of my list.  These are a product that I use EVERYDAY. When they first arrived I though they were cool.  Plastic wear that had separate compartments for packing Ben's school lunch, nice bright colors that appeal … [Read more...]

Back To School – Clippopotomus! – (contest closed)

Ok, so I've been doing some clothing shopping in the past few weeks and I've come to the conclusion that children's clothing companies don't know how to size kids pants properly.  Either they fit the waist and are too short... or they fit the legs and are too big around the middle.  This has been driving me crazy for years! I know I'm not the only Mom out there with this problem. I've heard it over and over again from so many parents.  Just … [Read more...]

Summer Fun With Name Your Tunes – Contest Closed

Summer is here and we're all trying to squeeze as much as we can into the 2 short months of freedom that we have.  Well, freedom that the kids have.  Somebody's gotta go to work.  All our weekends are booked up with road trips, camping, amusement parks and just about anything else we can find a slot for. Our family hasn't gotten to far just yet this summer.  With my return to work, and Daddies already busy schedule we're pulling at straws … [Read more...]

Mama Zone – Eco Diapers

So, I'm not a cloth diaper mom.  My apologies, but I just don't have the patients, time or space in my laundry pile for cloth diapers.  That being said, I do feel guilty on occasion for the amount if diapers that we use.  Ben was in them for 2.5 years, and Wil is going into his 6th month. Knowing that diapers take forever to decompose, I'm glad I've found some alternatives. Mama Zone is a Canadian Company that carries an Eco-Diaper, and they … [Read more...]

Uncle Ben’s Blog Tour Giveaway Now Closed

Do you ever feel like you need more hours in your day? I do. At least 4 times a week I start my day between 6 and 7am, I turn around and its 4pm. I don't know how I lose the day, or where it goes, but in what seems like only a few hours I manage to completely forget about dinner.  Then, around 4pm I find myself staring into the fridge, hoping that some mysterious healthy meal is just going to jump out at me. It's not easy being a busy … [Read more...]

Digital Keychain Review & Giveaway

Keychains have come a long way.  It seems like just about everything we use daily has advaced in some way, shape or form.  When I was a kid you could get novelty keychains, actually, my best friend growing up used to collect them, She had a crazy amount of them.  As the digital age has come (and probably to stay) we're always looking for ways to hold on to our digital memories.  Long gone is the age of the brag book, pround parents and … [Read more...]

Bzz Campaign – DanActive

Some of you may know this, some may not.  I am a BzzAgent.  It's actually one of the first WOM programs that I ever got involved in.  Though I'll admit, I wasn't overly active with it in the past, I'm taking it on full force now! So, Let me tell you a bit about the BzzCampaign that I am working on right now, DanActive. DanActive is one of the leading Probiotic drinks on todays market.  Consumed in more than 30 countries around the world, … [Read more...]

Baby D Drops – Review & Giveaway

Nobody told me... When I had my first child, I knew right away that I was going to nurse him. I knew it would suck at first, and I knew it would get better. And it did. After a few weeks, we were both old pros at it, and he was nicely satisfied with my production. When he was about a month old, I learned something. Someone, somewhere in passing asked me if I was giving him Vitamin D. I was like HUH??? I thought he was getting everything he … [Read more...]

On Tray

#ABMChristmas Twitter Party Giveaway #6 (giveaway now closed congrats to @thesehappydays)  Ok - Mom's - This little gadget is a must have for your diaper bag or purse. You know how we all carry around snacks for our kiddos - Cheerios or Crackers, little finger foods that keep our kids occupied. And you know how most of us will use either a ziploc baggie or an everyday food container. Well - let me introduce you to OnTray. This is … [Read more...]

D Drops

Contest Closed! The Sunshine Vitamin In Just One Drop In years past, many people spent time outdoors, working, playing, and just being. Since the age of the screen (TV, Computer, Video Games) the time spent out doors for the average person and dropped considerably. Do you ever wonder what that has done to our health? Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. It is formed within our skin when we're out in the summer sun. Our bodies need it for … [Read more...]

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