Don’t Wrap Your Food…Hug Your Food with New Food Huggers!

There is a lot of produce in my fridge...and I mean a lot.  I usually make two runs a week to the farmers market to pick up apples, lemons, cucumbers and tomatoes.  My kids love their fruit (and the odd vegetable) and as I've been working towards a healthier diet, my fresh food intake is  currently on the rise.  The only problem I find with produce, is how to keep it fresh once cut.  Wrap falls off, containers leave lots of open space for drying … [Read more...]

ATG Stores – Everything You Need For The Holidays

I've written about them before, and I'm sure I will again.  ATG stores is your one stop shop this Holiday Season.  They have something, probably a few things for everyone on your list this year.  I love being able to shop for everything I need in one spot.  Being A Busy Mommy, the less work I have to do to accomplish a task the better.  ATG stores helps. Since I am hosting Christmas Dinner this year, for the first time (ACK!!) I wanted to … [Read more...]

Inspire Imports – Seedling

I love it when my oldest does things that are creative.  He tends to be a digital junky, and though I'm sure my attached-at-the-hip-to-anything-digital lifestyle has a lot to do with it, I still make an effort to make sure he's using his hands & brain to be creative.  And I am a fan of any product that makes this easy.  Kits that come with all the parts needed.  And even extras for imaginative fun!  So when I was approached by Inspire Imports … [Read more...]

Bricor Low Flow Shower Head Review

Ok...don't get scared away.  Just because I said low flow doesn't mean we're going to show a rerun of the Seinfield Shower Head episode.  Quite the opposite actually.  A short time ago I chatted with a nice fellow from Bricor.  I was interested in learning more information about one of their products, the hand held shower head. I think about water.  I don't leave water running, I do big loads of laundry, never washing just one or two items, … [Read more...]

Arm & Hammer Laundry Soap – Share Your Dirty Laundry Contest!

From the day I moved out of my parents home, I took on all the jobs that once belonged to my Mom and Grandmother.  Cooking the meals, and cleaning up after.  Vacuuming the floor, scrubbing, even cleaning the toilets, but there is one job that I have yet to be able to master.  One huge monster that has been lingering around now for 12 years.  It's my laundry.  No matter how many loads I do in a day there is always more.  It's like the never ending … [Read more...]

Ouchies – Review & Giveaway

Ben screams at the sight of blood.  Even the tiniest little pin prick and he opens up into the most ear piercing shreeks.  He has become a bandage addict.  For every owie, for every bug bite, for every little pain, he demands a bandage on it to make it all better...long gone are the days when a simple kiss from Mommy did the trick. Usually I buy the generic flesh tone bandages, since he seems to go through so many I do try to buy them in … [Read more...]


Colds Suck! Young or old, there isn't anything nice you can say about a cold.  Sore throat, sinus pressure, constant hacking and coughing, it really does suck.  As an adult, when I do come down with a nasty cold, I can deal with it.  I take my meds and go on with my day.  But when your young kids and babies get a cold it's so much worse. I'm lucky.  I have two boys, the oldest almost 5 the youngest just 3 months.  And I so hope I don't jinx … [Read more...]

Mavea – Review & Giveaway

Water.... Fresh, Clean, Clear... My very favorite drink is a tall glass of  Ice Cold water.  But, most tap water just doesn't taste the way I think water should tastes...well...kinda gross. My home is tied to the community water supply and the taste of chemicals stands out when you down a glass of my tap water.  Even when kept cold in the fridge, you can still taste the chlorine.  When we first moved in, (coming from a house with … [Read more...]

Xtrema Cookware by Cremacor – Review & Giveaway.

  When it comes to cooking, you need two things...the first being skill (not much, just a little) and the second, good cookware.  Having good cookware (and knowing how to use it) can make an OK meal into an extraordinary one. In the last few months, I have really focused on my kitchen.  I wanted to make sure that I was using top quality cookware.  When you buy a good quality frying pan, and treat it right it will last you a lifetime.  I have … [Read more...]

Tommee Tippee Review

Do you breast feed your kids? Yes, No...a few maybes in there too. Well, I did. Not because it's better for their health, not because it's more be completely honest, I do it because it's free. I drink water, and make milk...just like magic! Because of this my kids were never big Baby Bottle users, we just didn't need them all that much. Though I did always have a can of formula and a few bottles on hand for "Just In Case". And … [Read more...]

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