Don’t Wrap Your Food…Hug Your Food with New Food Huggers!

There is a lot of produce in my fridge...and I mean a lot.  I usually make two runs a week to the farmers market to pick up apples, lemons, cucumbers and tomatoes.  My kids love their fruit (and the odd vegetable) and as I've been working towards a healthier diet, my fresh food intake is  currently on the rise.  The only problem I find with produce, is how to keep it fresh once cut.  Wrap falls off, containers leave lots of open space for drying … [Read more...]

The Lego Movie Ultimate Sticker Collection & More from DK Books

It is no secret that we're all loving The Lego Movie around here.  Just check out our post here, and where we made our own shirts here...  We're all singing to the same tune..."Everything Is Awesome!" Along with every great movie comes some fantastic books.  Sometimes the books happen first, and sometimes they come after the fact, either way, reading those books is the perfect way to extend the movie experience, and ultimately up you in the … [Read more...]

Bedtime Made Easy with cloud b & Twilight Turtle Tunes {Giveaway}

My four year old is an adventerous little man.  He loves to play make believe, and he can go all day.  From the moment he wakes up in the morning he is running around, singing songs and making up stories.  Building blocks and knocking them over.  He has a memory that I would give my right arm for.  And when bedtime rolls around, he is quite exhausted most days, and drifts off to sleep rather easily. It isn't always that easy though.  Sometimes … [Read more...]

Try New Fructis Damage Eraser and Save Your Hair

I don’t know about your hair styling routine, oh wait…yes, I probably do. Let me guess. You’re a lady who loves to have her hair done. Likes to look presentable every day…put together. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all have an arsenal of tools lining the cupboard of our powder room. Hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, styling brush to help us look our best every day. But those tools come at a price. The scalding temperatures are horrible … [Read more...]

Discover The Secret To Thicker Looking Hair with NIOXIN #PGmom {giveaway}

It came out by the handful.  Every time I showered I could feel if letting go and sliding down towards the drain.  After my boys were born, my hair just up and left me.  It is a scary feeling.  When you get in the shower, pump your favorite suds and work it through, only to be left with clumps of hair in your hands.  You wonder how you have any hair left with all you see going down the drain...or left on your pillow case... It's a regular … [Read more...]

Smooth Legs All Summer Long with Nair Brazilian Spa Clay

It's not really a secret that I strongly dislike the primping that is involved with being a girl.  There just seems to be so much of it.  We sacrifice sleep so that we look consistently put together every single day...well, some more than others.  To be quite honest I wouldn't sacrifice an hour of sleep for a hundred bucks, so getting up early to make myself pretty isn't likely going to happen anytime soon.   However, since I don't intend on … [Read more...]

Chuggington Puzzle Stations for Windows 8.1

My kids love spending time on the computer.  If it has a screen and games they want to use it...especially if I am the one on it.  It can sometimes be challenging to find games that are age appropriate and educational, but that will also entertain our kids! There is a big age gap in my kids.  Almost 5 years!  So the games that my oldest boy wants to play are much too hard for his little brother.  That's why I'm grateful for games that are … [Read more...]

Free Hand Nappy Bag Review & Spring Into babymoov Event

It's an essential, the diaper bag that is.  Whether it's your first baby or your fifth, when you leave your home you're going to need things.  Diapers, bottles, bibs and wipes, a change of clothes (for baby and you...any maybe even a toddler too!) Forget just one thing, and it's bound to be the one thing you need the most.  Having the right bag to suit your needs is essential as well.  For a short trip out, you may only want something small, but … [Read more...]

Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier Review { and Giveaway}

It has been a long winter across Canada, and with the sub-zero temperatures and the massive amounts of storms we have had, illness has just been everywhere.  Colds, flu, and overall stuffy-ness that just doesn't seem to want to go away.  Dry air certainly doesn't make it easy that's for sure. When you have a sick little one, it can make the days seem even longer.  Being miserable is no fun.  With no open windows, and unstable temperatures, … [Read more...]

Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer – Review

So here we are, smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season.  Have you had to deal with the mess and frustration of a germ infestation yet?  There really isn't much worse than a flu or cold making it's rounds through the house.  Of course, being Mom or Dad, you're the last ones to get it too, just as the kids are beginning to feel better. Not only is a round of illness going through the house frustrating, but it can cost a lot! The majority … [Read more...]

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