Butterball Turkey, Not Just for the Holidays

There is nothing I like more than a traditional Turkey dinner.  A perfectly golden Turkey over-stuffed full of my Mother's delicious stuffing, surrounded by rich, whipped potatoes, glazed carrots, a dry buttercup squash, turnip drowning in salt, pepper and butter, and of course cranberries to top it all off. Usually a meal of this magnitude is saved for holidays.  Our family traditionally has a huge meal like this for Easter, Thanksgiving and … [Read more...]

Fresh & Cool Produce – Fantastic Summer Recipes

It seems like only yesterday I was complaining that winter just wouldn't go away, then all of sudden summer has sprung.  Usually I would say that spring has sprung but somehow, this year, spring was forgotten.  We went from frost ans flurries to 30+ degrees in a matter of days!  All of a sudden it's too hot to cook!  Too hot to bake, and I didn't have fridge stocked with all I need for summer recipes! I will do just about anything to avoid … [Read more...]

Twice Baked Potatoes with Bacon

My son Ben is a big Baked Potato eater. He loves them. A basic baked potatoes smothered in butter and grated cheese will make is day. Last week I made these twice baked potatoes and he couldn't stop eating them! I love it when I find food my boys will eat.   … [Read more...]

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