Mushroom Fried Quinoa #whatscooking

I have a new favorite food....Quinoa  I know it's all the rage right now, with its complete protein it has become a popular choice for healthy eating!  And as we all know, healthy can be delicious!  Quinoa is so versatile that it can be mixed in to just about anything...I once made a gluten-free chocolate cake with ground quinoa! Lately I have been looking for ways to replace some of the starches in our meals.  Now, as a meat and potatoes … [Read more...]

The Perfect Ham & Pasta Salad {Recipe}

There isn't a meal out there they my boys enjoy more than a ham dinner.  Delicious slices of ham fried up, mashed potatoes and lots of in season veggies on the side.  A hearty meal for any time of the year.  ( And super simple to make!)  But every once in a while I cook too much food, and am left with a few leftovers...(ok, I cook too much food everytime!) So sometimes a little creativity is needed to use up those left over foods. And now … [Read more...]

The Perfect Pasta Salad #WhatsCooking

There is nothing I like better than a summertime BBQ.  Friends coming over to enjoy the nice weather, and fabulous food.  On the BBQ, Burgers and hotdogs, chicken breast.  Even some grilled onions and mushrooms.  If we're feeling adventerous, we may even pop a few stuffed peppers on the grill.  The food at these get togethers is amazing.  Everyone brings a little something.  Potato salad, garden salad, and pasta salads.  More toppings for burgers … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Foods Really Do Exist

I have picky eaters.  All three of the male gender who live with me are very specific about what they will eat...and even more specific about what they will not eat.  Ages 4, 8 and mid 30's.  Picky eaters are hardly bound by age.  But, it is a reality in my house, and for years it has been a stumbling block in my meal planning. I always felt like I was struggling to find something everyone could enjoy my stress level towards meal time was … [Read more...]

Delicious Mexican Rice #YouMexiCAN

By Diane Edwards As the third installment of the Old El Paso Challenge, we were asked if we ever mix up cuisines in one meal.  Though I cannot say I do this all the time...on occasion it does happen. For the first time in my adult life I am not working outside of the home.  This has allowed me much more time to spend in the kitchen.  It's a real luxury for me to have the time to experiment with different products and recipies.  So for this … [Read more...]

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