New RISERVA by CLASSICO #WhatsCooking

Sponsored Post I love an easy dinner. One that I can put together with just a few simple ingredients, and when I set it on the table, everyone digs in without complaining.  Pasta is my usual go to for those super busy days, having a bottle or two of Classico in the cupboard, and some  pasta on hand leaves me feeling confident that I can whip up a tasty dinner in no time flat. WhenI was asked to try out the new RISERVA by CLASSICO line, I … [Read more...]

Take Advantage of the Helpers – Classico’s New Bolognese Sauce #WhatsCooking

Busy. We thrive on it don't we? We work hard, leave little time for play, and have ourselves scheduled to the max.  This whole business of adulting is hard, especially when we are resonsible for keeping our kids healthy and happy too. It didn't take me long in my role of chief mom to learn that I needed help.  And  that I needed to take advantage of the helper products that are out there. For years, a favorite helper of mine was Classico … [Read more...]

Andrew Farrell’s Smoky Cauli-power Mac & Cheese Recipe

Ok.  So I have never really been super creative when it comes to Mac & Cheese.  Honestly... I usually let my mother make it.  Shhh...don't tell anyone.   I just could never really do it "right".  Ether my sauce was lumpy or my noodles over cooked.  But when I heard about the recent Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-Off (YES - that is a cook-off featuring Mac & Cheese! I want a front row seat next year!!) I knew I just had give it another go.  So … [Read more...]

Last Minute Chicken Balls with Kraft Shake n’Bake #WhatsCooking

So.  It's 4:30 pm and I forgot to take out something for dinner...again.  I swear at times I can be THE MOST SCATTERBRAINED Momma on the planet.  I know that I need to feed my family, and one would think after 10 years of parenting I would have this whole dinner thing down pat by now. But alas. I still have days where I slip up. That was the case one day last week.  All of us were home, but no one thought about dinner.  I was teetering … [Read more...]

Zucchini Noodles AKA Zoodles! BEST Spaghetti EVER! #WhatsCooking

Have you ever looked at the portion sizes for spaghetti.  I promise you it's not what you think it is...well, maybe it is..but it's not what I thought it is.  I'm the girl who loves to sit down to a plate full of spaghetti.  I'm talking lots and lots and lots of noodles covered in a delicious meat sauce.  Then covered in cheese, topped with Kraft Parmesan cheese.  Spaghetti isn't just a meal for's an event! So when I learned what an … [Read more...]

Back to school with Villaggio

The phrase "Back to school" brings with it a bag of mixed feelings, no matter who you are. For kids, it signals the end of summer. No more late nights on the couch with movies and popcorn, and worst of all no more sleeping in after those late nights. For parents, it also signals the end of summer, and tragically (at least for me) means that sleeping in is also off the table for us. It also leaves many of us with an even bigger problem than … [Read more...]

BBQ Forever – Dad’s Turkey Burger Recipe

I woke up this morning to a chill in the air. A chill I haven't felt since winter released its icy grip on my skin, and allowed the warm sunshine of spring to wrap me up in its blanket of  happiness.  This chill can only mean one thing. Fall is on its way, and there is nothing I can do about it. well, almost nothing. You see, there is one part of summer that everyone loves, and that love runs no deeper than it does with me.  I'm talking about BBQ … [Read more...]

Faking BBQ this Canada Day #FoodHacks #WhatsCooking

Canada day is just one week away. One week. And I don't have a BBQ. This could pose a problem for my big Canada Day plans. See, this spring, during our large item clean up I decided that getting rid of the BBQ before buying a new one would encourage me to get out and buy one...unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. And now, because my husband and I have been off work for 2, going on 3 weeks due to renovations at the restaurant we work at, going … [Read more...]

My Summertime Sandwich Recipe #DIYSandwich

In the summertime, sandwiches are my go to meal.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner, my families hunger can be completely satisfied when filled with a well-built sandwich.   The perks, they're quick and easy...little to no mess, and they don't heat up my kitchen.  Nary a dish gets dirty when I am building a great sandwich. My favorite sandwiches are made with fresh garden veggies...espeically veggies grown in my own garden!  My kids and … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Foods Really Do Exist

I have picky eaters.  All three of the male gender who live with me are very specific about what they will eat...and even more specific about what they will not eat.  Ages 4, 8 and mid 30's.  Picky eaters are hardly bound by age.  But, it is a reality in my house, and for years it has been a stumbling block in my meal planning. I always felt like I was struggling to find something everyone could enjoy my stress level towards meal time was … [Read more...]

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