‘Tis The Season for Chocolate Cheesecake #WhatsCooking

Chocolate. It goes with everything. It will never clash...never be out dated. Chocolate is always in style. And if you're looking for a dessert to take to that Holiday PotLuck.  Then I've got one for you.  Chocolate Cheesecake.  And no, it's not too much work. It is EASY to do. Just go to you favorite grocery store and pick up 3 of these:   While you're there, flip over the box and look at the recipe that is … [Read more...]

Bananadoodles {Cookie Recipe}

I've been on the hunt for a lower calorie cookie.  One that can sooth my craving for a late night snack, but wont leave shamed for breaching my calorie count for the day.  Something that I can have one or two for a snack, smile and move on.  Simple, and delicious.  So I started scouring the internet for cookie recipes, and there were tons and tons of recipes full of this and that and the other thing.  But the lowest calorie cookie I could find … [Read more...]

Jell-o! More Then Just A Great Dessert #WhatsCooking

I have been eating Jell-o desserts ever since I was a little kid.  My mom served it to us as a special treat, and to this day she still makes it.  My kids now enjoy her special layered Jell-o desserts when they visit with her.  I asked my mom to share some of her thoughts on Jell-o. I have been using Kraft Jell-o products for most of my life.  My mother prepared them for us kids when we were small.  And I carried on the tradition and … [Read more...]

Carnation Cupcakes – Perfect For Spring

Disclaimer: Some links within this post are affiliate links, if you make a purchase after clicking the link I will earn a fee.  Girl's gotta pay the bills.   Last month my husband and I took a cake decorating class.  Every Wednesday evening my in laws took care of the kids and we spent two full hours, kid free and knee-deep in sugar.  It was fun, though likely more fun for me.  I enjoyed learning new skills and being able to put them to use. … [Read more...]

Banana Bread Day – February 23rd

A day for everything and Banana Bread should have it's very own week as far as I'm concerned.  One of our favorite treats around this house!  It is a regular item on our meal planner.  How could it not be?  It's delicious, soft and divine with a little bit of butter spread thin, melting into it. Bananas are the one fruit that I don't mind to see go uneaten, as over ripe is the best way to have them when it comes to making banana bread!  When … [Read more...]

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