Creamy Cheddar and Ham Roll-Ups #WhatsCooking

It's all about snacks. At least at my house. There could be a million and one meals to cook - but if there is nothing for snacking on, the cupboards may as well be bare. I am constantly hearing... "Mom!  There's nothing to eat!" When snack food runs slim, I like think outside of the box.  I am queen of peeking my head in the fridge and coming out with something that is quick and delicious.  I mean, all it takes is a little creativity. Kraft … [Read more...]

Cream Cheese and Tomato Appetizers with Breton Bean Crackers

I love light foods.  An appetizer for my lunch is really all I need.  And what’s fun about appetizers is that you can make them just about any way you like.  One of my favourite flavour mixtures is cream cheese and tomato…throw in a little salmon and nom nom nom…. So when I got to try new Breton Popped! Beans crackers chips and Breton Bean crackers, I knew just exactly what I would be doing with them. Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself … [Read more...]

Last Minute Chicken Balls with Kraft Shake n’Bake #WhatsCooking

So.  It's 4:30 pm and I forgot to take out something for dinner...again.  I swear at times I can be THE MOST SCATTERBRAINED Momma on the planet.  I know that I need to feed my family, and one would think after 10 years of parenting I would have this whole dinner thing down pat by now. But alas. I still have days where I slip up. That was the case one day last week.  All of us were home, but no one thought about dinner.  I was teetering … [Read more...]

Spicy Turkey Egg Roll Recipe Featuring Butterball Turkey Burgers – Recipe

"This post is sponsored by Butterball Canada. In exchange this review, I have received special perks in the form of products and monetary compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own." I have been a fan of Butterball for many years, though, I'll admit, it's most often used around the holidays.  But Butterball isn't just for the holidays anymore!  They carry so many fabulous turkey products!  From turkey bacon to cold cuts, even stuffed … [Read more...]

New Years Recipes from Kraft Canada!~Appetizers

Now that Christmas is over, it's time for the party to really begin.  It's time to get ready to ring in the New Year!  There are few things better than a well organized party New Years Party. Yummy food, drinks and only your best friends, along with some music and sleeping bags are a great way to ring in 2011. Kraft Canada shared some YUMMY recipes with me this holiday season, and I want to share them with you.  Maybe they'll help you plan … [Read more...]

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