I’m Going! She’s Connected Conference in Toronto

That's right, for two years straight I will be making my way from little 'ole Nova Scotia to the T-Dot to attend She's Connected.  A Conference built to help bridge the gap between Bloggers and Brands.  Myself and somewhere around 200 others will be spending two days chatting, learning and making connections that can help us build our business'. But since I still have around 6 whole weeks before I get to see all the attendees, I'd love to get … [Read more...]

We’re Going Camping…again

So the family and I have decided that we're going to try camping again this summer.  If the rain holds off this week, we'll be sleeping under the stars on Wednesday and Thursday night, at South Mountain Park...about 15 minutes from home. Our last trip was fun (ish) but I really thing we bit off more than we could chew.  See, we had to drive almost 2 hours to get there, we needed way too much stuff, and...well, it was cold and rainy.  I don't … [Read more...]

#NokiaUnfenced in the Canadian Rockies (Part 1)

A few weeks back I received an email from WomWorld/Nokia, inviting me to join them in the Canadian Rockies for some phone slinging fun.  As the details emerged I learned I would be spending the weekend in Canmore Alberta with some amazing social media/tech gurus.  The invitees were such a diverse group of people. Techies, show hosts, mom bloggers and photo bloggers.  Though we were all different, we all had a few things in common.  We use social … [Read more...]

It’s Family Camping Weekend!

Oh My Gosh.  I'm so excited.  FINALLY!!  I get to take my boys camping.  My housebound, digitized, I need a screen in front of me boys are going to be spending a whole 43ish hours in the great outdoors!  I can't wait to see the huge shock when they realize that they're miles away from an internet connection (ok, there is an internet café, but we're not going to tell them that!). We're heading to Kejimakujik National Park in Annapolis County, … [Read more...]

The Screener Family

Welcome to my family.  We spend our days in front of screens...hence the title, The Screener Family.  I work at home, in front of my laptop, the TV is on, and my husband is flicking channels, while playing games on facebook when he’s not at work. When my oldest son arrives home from school he makes a bee line for my laptop.  Hoping to watch the latest video on YouTube, or wanting to play games online.  My youngest son seems to be the only one … [Read more...]

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