What to Pack When Traveling to Warm Climates

If you live anywhere east of Vancouver, you know that Canadian winters are harsh.  There is no way to candy coat it, come February we are all ready to pack up and fly south.  We’re done with the snow, the shoveling and the ice.  Tired of slippery roads and bundling up our kids in multiple layers.  We want sunshine, sandy beaches and drinks with little umbrellas in them. One would think that packing for a trip to the sunshine would be simple.  … [Read more...]

Saving For Disney – Getting Started

Yes, I am a Disney fanatic, and no I don't feel bad.  I love all things Disney and am thrilled to be planning our families next vacation slotted for October 2014.  I'm excited... and slightly obsessed, but that's ok...we do what makes us happy, right? In October of 2014 we will be headed to Disney! There will be six of us, Corey and I, Ben and William, and my inlaws Adeena and Richard! So, the first thing that one needs to address when going … [Read more...]

Getting To Disney World – Revamping the Saving For Disney Series

In my house you will find many mason jars.  Their intended purpose (to preserve food) is the last thing you will find them used for.  See, I am a save-a-holic with very little saving skills.  I get an idea, and I start a jar for it. Basically because loose change is all I've ever had to work with.  But our family budgeting skills are getting better, and I think it's time to revamp our Saving For Disney challenge we bagan earlier this … [Read more...]

New Brunswick Road Trip! #ABMRoadTrip

We've never done it before... Never have we even thought that putting our two boys in the back seat of our little hatch back along with the necessities for four days would be a good idea...but something in me changed.  Something in me says we're wasting our summer's away not doing much, and though we long for big travel... our budget doesn't.  So this summer we're road trippin'. We've planned our four-day, three night trip to the Monction … [Read more...]

Saving For Disney – Week 6

Winter is a hard time to try and save money.  I cannot even begin to tell you just how hard of a time I'm having.  Though I do have a bit saved up, it's torture not dipping into it... It's too cold to play outside, and paying to heat this house is insane.  But, when I have a goal in mind I just keep on plugging away at it.  I know that come spring, it will be much easier to put those pennies...er..um...nickles away (I forgot, we don't 'do' … [Read more...]

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