Tips on How To Save For Disney – Week 1

So it is week one in my goal for the year.  We're two days in and I'm off to a decent start.  Obviously my goal is to save enough money for my family of 4 to go to Disney World in early 2014.  The total that I have decided that I need is $6000.  I know - that sound like (and is) a lot of money for 1 week of fun, but for what I want out of our trip, it is worth it. I have spent a few hours on, going to rates and … [Read more...]

Wash Your Hands!

Over and over I repeat myself. Wash your hands!  Spending my life working in the food industry, I truly know the importance of proper hand washing. It is THE best (and easiest) way to avoid spreading germs, and cross contamination. It doesn't matter what kind of germ it is, cold or flu, a virus, or salmonella... Simple hand washing can significantly reduce the likely hood of it spreading from one surface to the next, or from one person to the … [Read more...]

Lysol Germ Detectives!

How do you keep your kids free from germs? Impossible, right? We all know that the little loves of our lives are really germ infested little petri dishes with legs.  Hey, don't kill the messenger...we all know this is true.  How often do our kids all get together...and though maybe only one or two kids had the sniffles...they all end up bringing those germs home.  Those things fester, and grow, and eventually we're all running for the … [Read more...]

The Health Triangle: Eating Right + Exercise + Vitamins = Healthy You By Deborah Lowther

There is no one magic pill that will make you healthy, no one perfect exercise that will get you in shape and no one super food that will give you all the energy you need to face the day. The truth of the matter is being healthy takes all three: eating right, getting regular exercise and taking vitamins to ensure you are the healthiest you can be. Eat Right
 Before you grab something to eat, plan a meal for your family or pull something … [Read more...]

Spring Flowers Bring Nasal Showers: Nutrition Tips for Dealing with Seasonal Allergies By Deborah Lowther

ACHOO! Does Spring equal red, watery, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and the sniffles? You have seasonal allergies. It’s that time of the year again when the trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, the grass is turning green, spring is in the air and your seasonal allergies are in high gear! Stocking up on allergy medication is the norm, but did you know taking certain vitamins can help you deal with common allergy symptoms? Vitamins can’t … [Read more...]

Toddler Woes…

Maybe I've forgotten what Ben was like as a toddler.  Maybe he was just as busy, just as 'on the go' as William.  Or maybe he wasn't.  Honestly, I don't remember.  Ben has been out of the toddler phase for so long.  Though his brother, well, he's been smack in the middle of toddler hood for well over a year.  And he's hard.  He's hard to keep up with, hard to keep out of trouble. Have you ever thought to yourself, "If my second child had been … [Read more...]

Are We Raising Unhealthy Kids? How Parents Can Turn this Trend Around

We hear it on the news and read about it in the newspaper, the obesity rate in kids is growing, leaving them at risk for serious health problems now and as adults.  As parents, it raises a lot of concerns. How can we turn this alarming trend around? How do we raise healthy kids? It’s proven that parents who are committed to their own healthy, active lifestyle raise healthy, active kids. Our own family participates in multiple sports – from my … [Read more...]

It’s Spring Baby!

Today was the first day of spring.  And in my neck of the woods it was the perfect day to ring in the new season.  We had +20 degree temperatures, blue sky, the sun was shining.  I even dried a load of clothes on the line!  My garden is coming alive with all the early bloomers, and we spent the afternoon raking last years leaves off the ground. What a beautiful time of year.  It is like the world is reborn. One thing that I always notice … [Read more...]

30 Day Lego Duplo Challenge with Today’s Parent

Sometimes I find it really difficult to find the time to sit down and play with my boys.  The jobs of the day seem to take president...though they shouldn't.  I love those special little moments of laughter with my boys.  The little things that don't seem to mean that much, but really make a difference in our kids lives.  Kids don't remember all the work you did, they remember the moments you spent with them. So I am up to the … [Read more...]

Cold Outside? How To Keep Your Children (and yourself) From Going Nuts

We're in the middle of a Canadian winter.  That means the temperature is almost unbearable.  Usually.  This year if you happen to live in the eastern part of Canada, you've probably experiences a mild winter with very little snow.  I'm in Nova Scotia, and we haven't yet had our winter... at least not what we're used to.  Why, the other day (mid January) it was 14 degrees, that's almost T-Shirt weather! Now, if you happen to be living in … [Read more...]

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