A Mother’s Dream Come True…

Yes, It's true.  William is a Mother's Dream Come True.  Why?  Well, because he sleeps all night.  It's not a fluke, it doesn't happen once in a while.  Every night he sleeps anywhere between 7 to 11 hours, at only 2 1/2 months old.  Lets all hope I'm not jinxing myself here. Though this is wonderful.  It truly is.  I can get a full nights sleep.  But I have one complaint. Well, two.  First of all I wake up with the most rock hard boobs ever!  … [Read more...]

Guest Post – The Tsunami Mommy and Kitchen Tips

When I decided to do a kitchen feature throughout March, I asked on Twitter if anyone was interested in doing any guest posts.  I did have a few responses.  Here is our first Guest Post from Stephanie Lee, AKA The Tsunami Mommy.  Be sure to go check out her blog as well! I’m a smart woman.  I mean, I’m a really smart woman.But something happened when I had my baby.  Somehow, someway, I lost a few brain cells. Sound familiar?  I bet it … [Read more...]

Just A Little Update.

First of all, I have to say I AM TIRED!  I can't believe just how much having two kids wears you out!  Ben and Wil are the center of my day, every day...and by the time I get them both to bed I am ready to flop out myself.  But alas,  my love for my bloggy world will not let me do that. But I will say I find myself getting lost, sidetracked...not accomplishing as much as I need to.  So I'm taking this weekend off..Just so you know.  I'll work … [Read more...]

He’s sleeping through the night!

They say your kids will be opposite of each other, and for the longest time I questioned just how that could be.  They're made of the same recipe, the same ingredients.  As William grows I am quickly learning that my kids are no exception to the rule. We struggled a lot with Benjamin and his sleeping patterns. To be honest he was a horrible sleeper, and we really didn't help the situation.  You really do make all your mistakes with your first … [Read more...]

I signed the papers

Yesterday I signed the papers. Remember those papers I told you about last week. The ones that say Ben can spend most of his waking hours in the care of someone else...the ones that mean he will attend Primary in the fall. Yep, I signed them. As hard as it was, I did it. I did it for him. And he was thrilled. After a sleepless night (non related) we all got up, dressed and headed down to B,ens soon to be, home away from home. We arrived and … [Read more...]

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