Getting To Disney World – Revamping the Saving For Disney Series

In my house you will find many mason jars.  Their intended purpose (to preserve food) is the last thing you will find them used for.  See, I am a save-a-holic with very little saving skills.  I get an idea, and I start a jar for it. Basically because loose change is all I've ever had to work with.  But our family budgeting skills are getting better, and I think it's time to revamp our Saving For Disney challenge we bagan earlier this … [Read more...]

Swimming Lessons!

Every summer I enroll my son Ben in swimming lessons.  We began when he was 5, and beyond timid of the water.  It would take 15 minutes of his 30 minute class just to get him in the water.  His first summer we spend six weeks at the pool every morning, and he did not pass level one. His second year we only spent four weeks at the pool.  Four weeks where his skill advanced so much!  And at the end of his second year he got his first … [Read more...]

New Brunswick Road Trip! #ABMRoadTrip

We've never done it before... Never have we even thought that putting our two boys in the back seat of our little hatch back along with the necessities for four days would be a good idea...but something in me changed.  Something in me says we're wasting our summer's away not doing much, and though we long for big travel... our budget doesn't.  So this summer we're road trippin'. We've planned our four-day, three night trip to the Monction … [Read more...]

Going To Preschool

I believe in the power of preschool. I know that may seem bold, but my children do not go to daycare, they do not have a day home, or a regular babysitter.  They spend the majority of their days with me.  My husband and I work back to back shifts in the same restaurant, so the kids are either with one of us, or both of us.  If not with us, they're with their grandparents. We have lived life this way for the past 8.5 years...and it works for … [Read more...]

Easy SEO Tips For Bloggers

One of the hardest things I had to wrap my head around when it came to building my blog was SEO.  Search Engine Optimization.  Basically, what that means is how easily you are found when someone does a search on Google.  So below you will find a few of the easy seo tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. If you are reading this, and have anything to add...please feel free to leave a comment.  I am not an SEO expert by any means...I … [Read more...]

Saving For Disney – Week 6

Winter is a hard time to try and save money.  I cannot even begin to tell you just how hard of a time I'm having.  Though I do have a bit saved up, it's torture not dipping into it... It's too cold to play outside, and paying to heat this house is insane.  But, when I have a goal in mind I just keep on plugging away at it.  I know that come spring, it will be much easier to put those away (I forgot, we don't 'do' … [Read more...]

Saving For Disney – Week 5

So, first off, I have to ask you all, how is your savings going?  The first month is complete - we're at the last day of January and those change jars are likely starting to fill up! I've broken the $100 mark, and I am happy with that.  Far from my monthly goal, but it's been a cold month and my oil tank seems hungry.  It's also been a slow month at work, so tips were down to almost half of my usual amount.  January is a hard month to begin a … [Read more...]

Saving For Disney – Week 3/4 Giveaway!

*The contest in this post is open to Canadian residents only.  My apologies to those who are not able to participate.* So it's week 4 already.  Sorry I missed last week.  But life has been a bit crazy over here... We've been putting our pennies in our Disney jar and having a blast doing it.  Have you received your Vacation Planning DVD yet?  The thing that I have noticed most since our savings journey began is that every time I see a Disney … [Read more...]

How Do I Get My Kids To Listen To Me?

I have never written a biography about myself that reads Jen Banks, Parenting Expert. I have never claimed to even have the slightest clue as to what I am doing when it comes to this whole parenting gig. But I do know one thing...My mother was right. When my first son was born, paranoia made me bring him into our bed. I always needed to be next to know he was breathing. My mother said that I would regret that decision to co-sleep and … [Read more...]

Tips On How To Save For Disney – Week 2

So by now you have probably figured out your safe number.  The minimum amount of money you need to have saved to make your Disney Dream come true.  What is that number (you can tell me in a comment below)  If you still don't have that magic number yet, head on over to and price your dream vacation. Check out week 1 to see how I came up with my number. I have to tell you that just as I started writing this, a commercial for Walt … [Read more...]

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