Whatcha Making Wednesday

I love to create. I love to see something built from the bare essentials up to the finished product. Sometimes I'm creating content. Sometimes I'm creating garments.  Usually with two sticks and a string. Sometimes I'm re-creating furniture. But all the time, I am creating. Today I am creating a hat.  It will likely be for my neice and it is one of my favorite colors.  Raspberry.  Though according to Quince & Co it is called … [Read more...]

Fingerless Mitts

For weeks, these babies have been on my needs.  I started them close to two months ago, and life just got in the way of my knitting time.  Seriously...having to go to work is dragging me down.  "I don't wanna work...I just want to knit on my wips all day!"  I'm not even kidding.  If I could spend my everyday in full on creative mode, I would.  What's funny is...my creative mode can even pay the bills. I guess I'm just a bit chicken of letting … [Read more...]

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