Update! Purchase an Old El Paso Dinner Kit & get a Coupon for a FREE Bag of Touch of Philadelphia Shredded Cheese

  Taco Tuesday is a meal my family enjoys more often then Tuesdays that roll around.  It's fast, it's delicious and EVERYBODY cleans their plate.  Barely a day goes by that someone doesn't ask for tacos for dinner. It's usually my oldest... and he's game for just about anything as long as it's stuffed inside a taco shell.  My picky eater even cheers on taco night, it's one dinner I know I won't hear complaints over. Right now, when … [Read more...]

The Official Snack Of Everything – Protinis {Giveaway}

Summer is the time for being on the go 24/7.  Going for here to there, this place to that, without a care in the world.  Enjoying the fact that we don't have to wear layer after layer to keep warm, or turn up the heat.  It is the time of year when life gets a little bit easier. But being on the go so often can change our eating habits.  We find ourselves eating out more often.  Maybe chosing foods that aren't the best for our diets.  But it … [Read more...]

You Can Earn Money Online

The world economy is a scary place, and trying to make sure you and your family stays afloat can be stressful.  The trick to getting ahead is diversification.  The old adage "don't put all your eggs in one basket" is true to this day.  Multiple income streams is the way to ensure your financial future...it certainly is how I build my own families nest egg. Freelance Writing There are many online avenues where one can sell a well written … [Read more...]

Keep Germs At Bay This Summer with Lysol No-Touch Antibacterial Soap System

My kids will touch anything. Case and point.  We spent this evening at my son’s Spring Fling, there was lots of fun food and candy floating around, and lots of games for the kids to play.  New to the event this year was a Reptile Show.  We entered the show and my youngest locked eyes with a great big snake, ran over to it before I could get a hold of him and put his hands right on it.  Not even a flinch of fear (which kind of scares me).  … [Read more...]

Coupon Monday

New on A Busy Mommy - You Guessed it!  Coupon Monday!  Here is where I'll list all those money saving coupons available online for Canadians (that I've found so far)  If you have found one throughout the week, please feel free to link it up in the comment section, and we'll add it to the list.  This is our first post, so it's a bit basic...it will be updates daily with new found coupons!   Remember - If you're using a coupon to buy … [Read more...]

Saving Made Simple – So, How Did I Do?

It was easier than I thought. Being in control of your money is just a matter of asserting yourself...telling yourself this is the way it is now, and there is no giving in.  I am now in control - complete control. It was a combination of smart shopping, smart planning, and digging that got me to this point and I will forever be grateful to the P&G team for putting this challenge in front  of me, and to Gail Vaz Oxlade for putting her … [Read more...]

Save 50% off Heart Sticky Labels at Mabel’s Labels Feb 14th ONLY

The links within this post are affiliate links Love is in the air, and one thing I truly love is Mabel's Labels.  So today only (Feb 14th 2014 from 6am until 11:59pm EST) you can save 50% off their sweet Heart Sticky Labels!  Be sure to use the coupon code MABELLOVE to receive this fantastic discount! Valentine's Day Only Sale: Get 50% off heart Sticky Labels from Mabel's Labels! … [Read more...]

On Today’s “To Do” List? Get Your Taxes in Order

December always seems like the busiest time of the year for Canadian families as the hustle and bustle of the holidays takes over the daily schedule. And while making your New Year’s Eve plans may not include thinking about your taxes, the end of the year has a major impact on your tax return. Though the extra chaos makes it challenging, it’s important to review your tax situation before December 31 to make filing easier in 2014. And there are … [Read more...]

The Mommy of All Baby Events

The name says it all - The Mommy of All Baby Events - as you can likely guess, that means there is going to be a huge event being held that is all about Baby...and Mommy. Loblaw is launching a new program perfect for moms – The Mommy of all Baby Events. From October 10 –24, Loblaw stores will offer fabulous promotions and events from cooking classes, dietitian demos, special sales and fun contests. Check out your local Loblaw store to find … [Read more...]

Fisher-Price Fridays at Babies”R”Us

I have some very exciting news for you.  As we begin to think about gifts for the holidays, as we start making those lists, Babies"R"Us and Fisher-Price have come together to offer parents some fantastic deals to help you get a jump-start on your shopping list.  Fisher-Price Fridays! I know, some of you may be saying; "But School just went back in!  And it's not even Halloween yet!"  I can't stress enough just how important it is to get a … [Read more...]

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