Mini Mioche – Enter To Win!

There are three things that I look for when buying clothes for my kids.  Sustainability, Style and where they're made.  I try my best to by as local as possible, Canadian first.  Then surrounding areas. Last spring I was asked to be a part of the Mini Mioche Ambassador program, and I shared this post with you, introducing you to their spring line up.  Well, they're fall/winter line has been released and I'm back to share with you all my new … [Read more...]

Support Canadian & Save – Nifty Knees

Crawling is hard work! When was the last time you spent any amount of time on your knees, burning around the carpeted floors giving yourself rug burn and plain old sore knees!  I have to admit.  That's not something I do on a regular basis, but William...well, that's his only means of transportation.  That and the two or three steps that he takes at a time now.  I watch him burn across the floor on his bare knees and every once in a while, … [Read more...]

Bricor Low Flow Shower Head Review

Ok...don't get scared away.  Just because I said low flow doesn't mean we're going to show a rerun of the Seinfield Shower Head episode.  Quite the opposite actually.  A short time ago I chatted with a nice fellow from Bricor.  I was interested in learning more information about one of their products, the hand held shower head. I think about water.  I don't leave water running, I do big loads of laundry, never washing just one or two items, … [Read more...]

Support Canadian & Save – Everything Eco

EverythingEco offers an assortment of unique and eco friendly gifts.  Dedicated to reducing their environmental impact as much as possible they are careful to only carry products that are making a positive impact on protecting our planet.  Many of their most popular products are made from items that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Bazura Juice Box Coin Purse - $12.00 Hand crafted by Bazura Bags in the Phillipines by a woman's … [Read more...]

Arm & Hammer Laundry Soap – Share Your Dirty Laundry Contest!

From the day I moved out of my parents home, I took on all the jobs that once belonged to my Mom and Grandmother.  Cooking the meals, and cleaning up after.  Vacuuming the floor, scrubbing, even cleaning the toilets, but there is one job that I have yet to be able to master.  One huge monster that has been lingering around now for 12 years.  It's my laundry.  No matter how many loads I do in a day there is always more.  It's like the never ending … [Read more...]

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