Hump Day

And what a day today will be. I woke with some strange form of energy, I seem to be self propelled towards cleaning the bedroom. Since Ben shares a room with Daddy and I, there isn't much room for mess, but alas....mess there is. I have about 15 loads of laundry to do....and I am soo not exaggerating. It's 9:50am, and I've already got quite a bit in the works. I've picked up most of my laundry and put it all into one monster size garbage bag. I … [Read more...]

How Busy Are You?

Are you constantly running, picking up this and that. Moving clothes from room to room, refreshing your email as you run by the computer. Yeah! Me too!! Working full time, being a full time mom to a very very busy 3.5 year old boy, and my online life makes time a very scarce thing in my world. ( oh yeah, I'm a wife too) I have to say, being a busy mommy is a very hard job. I love it, but it's not easy. I guess Mom was right!lol I have a … [Read more...]

Changing – Organizing

A Big part of being reborn into "The New Life" is reorganizing everything in it! Now, as some of you know, right now we live in a small space and I have a huge lack of organization problem. Rendering this small space, basically useless. Definitely not functional. So, I've decided that this year I am taking the Organize Now! Challenge. Interested? Head on over to The Classy Closet and sign up and learn more. Once in there you can not only join … [Read more...]

My Organized Christmas…

Well, I have decided to take the challenge put out by Headly from Stay At Home Mom To Three, What About Me? Her Challenge was to have an organized Christmas. She found a great website where you can print out all the planning sheets you might need, and it details exactly what you need to do to make your holiday season flow smoothly. The challenge officially started on October 26th, but there is still lots of time to get involved. Well, on the … [Read more...]

Organizing The Holidays.

Christmas or The Holiday Season is my absolute favorite time of the year. In years past, my holidays have been quite disorganized and and stressful. And really, I end up missing most of it. Last year I decided that I was not going to spend our holidays stressed out, and started planning for Christmas 2008. The first thing I did was start a Freebie Christmas Plan. I originally posted this on the Frugal Shopper discussion forum. And many others … [Read more...]

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