Making School Lunches – How to get the Kids on School Lunch Duty

By Deb Lowther As a kid I had to make lunches and I never liked it. Now as a mom to 3 school aged kids I like it even less. Who likes what, who won’t eat what, who drinks what, same snacks, same sandwiches – or worse, they won’t eat sandwiches! What is there to love about making school lunches? I know there are Moms who treat school lunch making as an art form and actually love the challenge and the design of festive lunch boxes, and while I … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday

I have been talking a lot about meal planning, not just meal planning, but day planning, week planning.  For years I have attempted to get my life organized, and failed horribly.  But with stress and time crunches really beginning to wear on me, it is truly time to get myself into a routine that gives me more time for fun.  So every week I will be writing Meal Plan Monday to share with you what our family will be eating the following week! I … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday!

I know there are a few blogs around that do Meal Plans on Monday, I'm going to start posting mine here as well. I've never been one to Meal Plan but in the last 4 weeks I have to admit I don't think about supper until about 3pm - so we end up eating crap. To survive with two kids, and still live a healthy life, organization and planning is a must. And by writing those plans down it really helps a person stick with them. I wont be doing any … [Read more...]

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