The Dinner Time Duldrums…What Moms Dread Most

It is moms #1 complaint.  Though, she may not vocalize is most likely true...she has to come up with something for dinner each and every night.  Not just something for dinner...but something that is healthy, and everyone will enjoy. Who are we kidding... we cannot please everyone! But as mom...we try.  We worry about what's for dinner for near 60 minutes each and every day!  That doesn't even include prep and cooking time...that's … [Read more...]

10 Laundry Tips That Will Get Your Laundry Done!

Ever wonder why your laundry is never actually finished?  Why you do load after load but still have laundry hampers and baskets full of folded (or not folded clothes) clothes.  Ever wonder how it was your parents never seemed to have to deal with this.  Here are a few tips that I have compiled (most of them are from my mother) that will help you get your laundry put away, and finished! 10 Tips To Get Your Laundry Done! 1.  Create a system, you … [Read more...]

How To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

In front of my living room window is their usual spot.  That is where I like to keep my fresh-cut flowers.  Sometimes they come from my garden, other times they come from the local market...and when my husband is trying to make me feel special, they come from him.  Often when I'm at my local grocery store I look at the discounted flower bouquets. Often there may only be one or two flowers that have started to wilt, but the rest are still … [Read more...]

Seventh Generation

Laundry and diapers.  These two things fill my days, every day.  These are two products that I consume so much, that it's hard not to feel a twinge of guilt every time I throw away that diaper, or add another cap-full of detergent to the washer.  "What are the environmental effects of all this consumption?", "How are these products good for my family?" "Can I feel safe using them?"  All questions I ask myself regularly while I do my weekly … [Read more...]

Please Don’t Do The Laundry

To My Dearest Hubby, I appreciate that you wanted to help, that you thought you were doing good. But... Please don't do the laundry. There are many things on our list to do, like cleaning the floors in the bathroom. Please don't do the laundry. 'Cause tonight I came home and saw my laundry was gone.  My bloodpressure rose as I searched.  I had hopes the you had just moved them, to sweep or scrub.  But it soon became clear, that … [Read more...]

Arm & Hammer Laundry Soap – Share Your Dirty Laundry Contest!

From the day I moved out of my parents home, I took on all the jobs that once belonged to my Mom and Grandmother.  Cooking the meals, and cleaning up after.  Vacuuming the floor, scrubbing, even cleaning the toilets, but there is one job that I have yet to be able to master.  One huge monster that has been lingering around now for 12 years.  It's my laundry.  No matter how many loads I do in a day there is always more.  It's like the never ending … [Read more...]

Housework #Fail

Do you ever start your day with so much energy, the best of intentions, and plans to get your house looking perfect.  That's how my day started.  My house was going to sparkle when I was through with it.  Every room was going to be organized, cleaned, sorted.  Clothes were going to be gone through...Winter clothes put away, summer clothes here to say. Then I remembered...I have kids. Funny how I forgot that kids don't let you clean...they go … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Tips – A Clean and Organized Kitchen

I know I've said it before, I am a Messy. I don't know why, or how it happened. I grew up in a clean house, was constantly gotten after to clean up behind myself, and am always willing to help clean up Other Peoples Houses (after dinner for example, not just for the sake of cleaning someone's house...I'm not crazy) This is one of the things I am really trying to change about myself this year, going from a messy, to a not so messy...I know, … [Read more...]

Guest Post – The Tsunami Mommy and Kitchen Tips

When I decided to do a kitchen feature throughout March, I asked on Twitter if anyone was interested in doing any guest posts.  I did have a few responses.  Here is our first Guest Post from Stephanie Lee, AKA The Tsunami Mommy.  Be sure to go check out her blog as well! I’m a smart woman.  I mean, I’m a really smart woman.But something happened when I had my baby.  Somehow, someway, I lost a few brain cells. Sound familiar?  I bet it … [Read more...]

What’s Going On????

I know, I know....I've been totally MIA. (my new nick name!!!) Lately I've let so many things go, that I have a huge mountain of things to do! Kinda overwhelming!!! But, I figure I had better start somewhere, so here goes!! First I'll fill you in on some things going on in the A Busy Mommy world. As many of you know I am preggo...currently 11 weeks. It's finally starting to sink in. It seems to be taking a while to "click." These last few … [Read more...]

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