When was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher?

The repair man said, wrench twirling around his fingers and he pulls up his drawers. Clean? It’s a dishwasher? The sole purpose of this lifesaving piece of technology is to clean… doesn’t it fall into the self-cleaning category? Apparently not… Did you know you have to clean your dishwasher? I don’t mean wipe down the outside when your child reluctantly loads up the dishes, and dribbles coffee down the door. I mean take the racks out, … [Read more...]

Dyson Cinetic DC77 Review

I was disgusted. Mortified. I've been doing it wrong for oh-so long. The first time I used the Dyson Cinetic DC77 marked an new beginning for me.  I just couldn't believe the amount of absolute filth that came out of my dining room area rug.  Sure...I could see some surface dust and hair before I started.  And I knew there would be some dirt that you couldn't see.  But I never, ever, expected to see this: That may be a bit hard to … [Read more...]

Update! Purchase an Old El Paso Dinner Kit & get a Coupon for a FREE Bag of Touch of Philadelphia Shredded Cheese

  Taco Tuesday is a meal my family enjoys more often then Tuesdays that roll around.  It's fast, it's delicious and EVERYBODY cleans their plate.  Barely a day goes by that someone doesn't ask for tacos for dinner. It's usually my oldest... and he's game for just about anything as long as it's stuffed inside a taco shell.  My picky eater even cheers on taco night, it's one dinner I know I won't hear complaints over. Right now, when … [Read more...]

A Touch of Spring & New Pillow Cases

This has been the whitest winter in a long time.  Just last week we were on the receiving end over 100cm of snow...again.  My back yard houses over 4 feet of snow...throughout the entire yard...with drifts well over 5 or 6 feet. It will be May before we see the grass, let alone a tulip or daffodil. So, I'm bringing spring inside. I figure right now is the perfect time to get my spring cleaning complete.  That way, when the weather does finally … [Read more...]

The Dinner Time Duldrums…What Moms Dread Most

It is moms #1 complaint.  Though, she may not vocalize it...it is most likely true...she has to come up with something for dinner each and every night.  Not just something for dinner...but something that is healthy, and everyone will enjoy. Who are we kidding... we cannot please everyone! But as mom...we try.  We worry about what's for dinner for near 60 minutes each and every day!  That doesn't even include prep and cooking time...that's … [Read more...]

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