Happy Valentine’s Day

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Toopy & Binoo Valentines Day Giveaway

Toopy & Binoo have been a staple character in my home for years now.  My boys love them.  So when I received I Love Toopy and I Love Binoo from kaboom! Entertainment, my little man and I were both super excited to watch them! I'll never forget the day that William first watched the episode where Toopy sings to Binoo.  You know that one, where he builds a snowman and there are hearts everywhere.  That was one of the first songs that William … [Read more...]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

So, it's Valentine's Day and you haven't yet picked up anything for the kids, or your sweetie-pie.  Not to worry folks.  Here are a few very simple things that you can either pick up, or make at home to show the love(s) of your life that you haven't forgotten about them. Hallmark Has Your Back We all know that Hallmark has you covered when it comes to any holiday...so on your way to work, or after dropping off the kids at school - make a … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Fun for Preschoolers.

If you have little ones around the house...kids who aren't yet in school, they may be a little confused with this whole Valentine's Day thing.  They don't really understand why we should show our love more on this one day, than on any other...and quiet honestly they may be right...  Love Everyday, not just on Valentine's Day. But, it's still fun to spread some extra lovin...especially to the littlest ones who miss out on the Valentine's … [Read more...]

Make A Valentine’s Day Calendar with HP

OK, so Valentines Day is just a few days away...and if your family is anything like mine, this time of year is tight on the budget.  But, you don't want this fantastic day of love to go by without so much as a mention to your sweetie pie about how much you love them. A calendar can be a very thoughtful gift, especially if it comes from the heart...preloaded with all the special dates that are unique to your family. Simple reminders of the love … [Read more...]

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