A Gift For Him

I've noticed in my short time in the Blogoverse that most featured items are either for mommies, or kids. Very few Items for Dads, Grampies, Uncles...you know, the men in our lives. Well, when I came upon the opportunity to tell everyone about this great gift idea for him, I jumped on it. This is a great gift idea for your nature loving, woodsy, hunter kinda guy. (Many gals would love this too) The Nikon ATB Binocular A hunting … [Read more...]

My Organized Christmas…

Well, I have decided to take the challenge put out by Headly from Stay At Home Mom To Three, What About Me? Her Challenge was to have an organized Christmas. She found a great website where you can print out all the planning sheets you might need, and it details exactly what you need to do to make your holiday season flow smoothly. The challenge officially started on October 26th, but there is still lots of time to get involved. Well, on the … [Read more...]

Organizing The Holidays.

Christmas or The Holiday Season is my absolute favorite time of the year. In years past, my holidays have been quite disorganized and and stressful. And really, I end up missing most of it. Last year I decided that I was not going to spend our holidays stressed out, and started planning for Christmas 2008. The first thing I did was start a Freebie Christmas Plan. I originally posted this on the Frugal Shopper discussion forum. And many others … [Read more...]

Blog Candy!!

I've been working very hard getting the 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways event going that I haven't had a chance to enter some of the really great contests out there. So, I've decided that today I am going to hunt down some of the great blog giveaways that are out there and cross my fingers. I am going to keep editing this post throughout the day adding new contests, so check back often, there just might be something you would love to win … [Read more...]

Holiday Card Contest From Tiny Prints

Did you know that the Holidays are almost here!!! Have you started preparing yet? Well, Tiny Prints wants to help you get you get ahead of the rush with a chance to win a huge bundle of their beautiful Holiday Cards. All A Busy Mommy readers now have the chance to win. 50 Cards 72 Address Labels 60 Stamps with matching card design. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have such a huge part of the Holiday bustle taken care of. I know I've spent so … [Read more...]

On The First Day Of Christmas

A Busy Mommy Gave To Me... Beautiful Decorations From A Prairie Girl Boutique. I love snowmen, they are my very favorite decoration during the holidays. I have been collecting snowmen my whole adult life, and I do have quite the collection. When I stumbled upon A Prairie Girl Boutique I was so excited. Dawn makes the most beautiful snowmen. I really hope I find one of these under my tree this year. (Hint Hint Hubby) Dawn doesn't only … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas For The Woman In Your Life…AKA…My Letter To Santa

With the holiday season fast approaching I've been searching for some unique gifts to pass out. (And writing my letter to Santa) I've come across some definite possibilities, and I thought I would share them with all of you. This weeks focus is the Woman in your life. My first favorite is something I would love to see under my tree. This elegant necklace would look wonderful with your favorite "Little Black Dress." I would love for Santa to … [Read more...]

Easy Halloween Craft for Kids

When I was a kid in elementary school, may favorite thing to do was crafts. And I seem to remember doing a lot of them. One of the crafts I specifically remember making was tissue paper pictures. This is a really easy craft to do with the young kids. All you need is some colored tissue paper, a print out of a halloween picture, and some white glue. Choose the picture you would like to use. You can easily find some on Google. 1/Print out the … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Hunting

Today we headed out to our local pumpkin grower, and bought our Pumpkins. I always get my pumpkins here as they have white pumpkins and those are my favorite. Daddy and Ben picked out a very Large pumpkin for the main Jack-O-Lantern, and Ben and I picked out two smaller ones. I was also able to get some colored corn and gourds for decoration. They sell corn stalks as well but they wont fit in my car. :-( In these pictures Ben is trying to … [Read more...]

Christmas is Coming, the goose is getting fat…(contest continues)

Well, we don't eat Goose around here, but a great big turkey will do the trick. The Christmas Season is fast approaching (only 86 days) so there are a few things I've decided to start doing. At the beginning of the year I started saving for my "Freebie Christmas" And I have done quite well, though I know of others (on Frugal) who are doing wonderful. I have over $300 is giftcards and free Items that I have received to put towards my freebie … [Read more...]

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