Hallmark for Easter

So I don't know if you've noticed but on my sidebar there is a long purple button, showing you that I'm a member of the Press Pause Panel.  I might be slightly excited about this.  For one, I love celebrating.  Weather it be a birthday party of a homecoming, or just celebrating the day because we have it.  And as you already know, Hallmark has something for every occasion. Well Easter is When???  This weekend!!  Oh wow, I'm not ready!! I'd … [Read more...]

Last Minute Gift Ideas – Part 1

So we're down to the crunch.  It's almost Christmas and there are still a few things you need to cross off your list.  Last night I walked through the stores, long after my kids went to bed, trying to find those last few gifts that I needed to buy.  And besides a few gift cards I think I'm done.  But there are a few of you out there, that are still unsure of what to get. So here are a few gift ideas from EA Play that are both fun and family … [Read more...]

Give & Get from Empire Theatres

Gift the gift of a Date Night. Please?  I'd take one, or two, or three. If you do, you may even get something in return.  A Hug, a Squeel, or $30 in coupons from Empire Theatres! Yep!  Give the couples in your life a $30 Empire Theatre Gift card, and when you buy it, you'll get a coupon booklet full of money saving coupons just for you! Seriously, I'm not kidding. Moms and Dads are strung out, tired, cranky, and don't get anywhere … [Read more...]

Holiday Budget

It's Official.  The holidays have arrived.  Children are writing, and re-writing their lists.  Every commercial is followed by a huge bout of "I want, I want, I want".  The Most Wonderful Time of the Year can easily become the most expensive time of the year.  So, how do families cope with all the spending that seems so necessary? There are a few ways available to us to 'help' us through the holiday rush.  Credit Cards, Payday Loans, Line of … [Read more...]


There are few companies out there that truly know Christmas.  Companies that provide us with products that help us let people know how special they are.  When we're at a loss for words, Hallmark is there to fill in the blanks.  Every year, at about this time, I steal a few minutes for myself and head out to my local Hallmark store.  I find myself getting lost in the treasures, imagining the smiles of my friends and family, when they open that … [Read more...]

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