Easter Gift Idea: Treehouse Ultimate Collection Cube from @kaboomkids

Easter is upon us, and aside from Christmas, it is my favorite holiday.  Once again we get to invite a magical character into our home, and our kids get to feel that excitement that goes along with waiting for something special to happen. Our Easter fun includes the traditional Easter Egg Hunt, where the Easter Bunny hides little plastic eggs filled with fun treats (some sweet, some not so sweet) around our home, and each of our boys get a … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Toopy & Binoo Valentines Day Giveaway

Toopy & Binoo have been a staple character in my home for years now.  My boys love them.  So when I received I Love Toopy and I Love Binoo from kaboom! Entertainment, my little man and I were both super excited to watch them! I'll never forget the day that William first watched the episode where Toopy sings to Binoo.  You know that one, where he builds a snowman and there are hearts everywhere.  That was one of the first songs that William … [Read more...]

Edible Gifts from Kraft #WhatsCooking

I have a very scary thing to admit. I haven't even begun my holiday baking. And the holidays are HERE! Christmas is only a few days away, my kids are out of school on Christmas break and my whole household has one form of illness or another... so I'm sorry world... I'm keeping my germs to myself and not baking gifts for friends and family. But I will at least share with you some very festive edible gifts from Kraft! Confetti Fudge How … [Read more...]

My Christmas Binder – Free Printables

It's that time again...the snow is falling and the Christmas trees are decorated...oh wait.  It's August.  It's like 35 degrees plus humidity and the thought of Christmas is so far away from our minds that even the word makes a few people I know cringe.  BUT, Christmas is huge for my family and I, and I like being prepared ahead of time, so that I can enjoy time with my family over the holidays. Since I"m a knitter, I've already begun (or … [Read more...]

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