Tired and Frustrated!

OK, so yes I am still pregnant and I soooo want this little Child 0'mine to get out out out!!!! He is now 3 days late according to my first due date of DEC 15th and I am so ready to get this over with. On Wednesday I had an OB appt. I was 3cm dialated and 80% effaced. He could stretch me to 4cm. (DAMN that hurts!) So ever since everything has been kinda gross down there, mini pads back in use (had a good run without them though!) I do get … [Read more...]

No Baby Yet…

Though I'm still not due for a few more days so I really shouldn't complain. According to my first ultrasound I'm due on the 15th - This coming Tuesday, according to my dates, I'm due on the 17th - or this coming Thursday. So lets just go with Wednesday! By the day I'm getting more and more uncomfy...tired of not being able to sleep (not that I will get to sleep after baby shows up) but at least I'll be able to be comfy for a few hours. I keep … [Read more...]

Little Loungers

First of all, a little bit about Little Loungers... LittleLoungers.com offers a personal shopping experience bringing to your fingertips collections from all around the world of trendy baby clothes to the traditional pinks and blues Top Name Brands as Baby Gazriella, IL Gufo, Petit Bateau, Floriane, Biscotti etc. for discount prices that are affordable in today's economic crisis. They are all available for you to browse through without leaving … [Read more...]

Name Your Tune – Great Christmas Gift Idea!

Are you still looking for stocking stuffers for your kids? Or a special gift for your grand babies?? Well, I wanted to share one with you that my kiddo just adores! Name Your Tune! It's a music CD filled with songs that most kids will recognize, you know, all those songs that you've been singing to them from day one... Well, this one is just a little different. In each and every song you'll hear your childs' name! My Son LOVES it. Every … [Read more...]

The Best Of Chef At Home

Crazy Christmas Wishlist!  I'm not a big TV watcher at all, very few shows that I will give my very little 'extra time' too. The one show that I make sure to watch (or DVR) is Chef At Home. I love watching Michael Smith come up with amazingly easy creations from his own home kitchen in PEI. And more recently I've been turned onto Chef Abroad, Michael Smiths other Food Network Show. (Both are must see's) My DH turned me on to Michael … [Read more...]

Frenchy Baby Organics

A few weeks ago I received a parcel in the mail. It was an outfit from Frenchy Baby Organics. Now, when I first heard of the company, I kinda thought that it would be similar to most other baby cloths, but as soon as I laid my hand on the outfit I was proven wrong! Frenchy Baby Clothes are made from Organic Cotton, which I've really never had the opportunity to work with in the past. Well, I never want to go back! This little outfit is the … [Read more...]


Crazy Christmas Wishlist Day 5 Maternity Wear One thing that I find amazing is the inability to find quality maternity clothes that are in style...As I walk through the mall I really can't find much of anything. That's why I was thrilled to find a Canadian Company who makes the most trendy, cute maternity shirts! Yes, the company I am talking about is Speggwear and if your expecting, or know someone who is, you really have to check out this … [Read more...]

New! Duncan Hines Whole Grain

Crazy Christmas Wish List Day 2Holiday Baking Well, as many of you may know, I love to spend time in the kitchen, making yummy treats for my family to enjoy! Needless to say, I was thrilled when given the opportunity to try out Duncan Hines New Whole Grain Muffins! First of all, my son and I made the Confetti Cupcakes, he's a fan of icing so we put together some yummy colored icing and decked them all out. Let me tell you these didn't … [Read more...]

Glow Baby

Crazy Christmas Wish List Day 1Baby - New Mommy I have to say I was pleased to check out this great little product from GlowBaby. Organization is key when you are adding a new baby into your home, life and routine and GlowBaby has come up with a key ingredient in keeping baby on track. Baby's First Journal  One of the biggest things I worry about with our new baby arriving soon is weather or not I'll have time to cater to both … [Read more...]

Crazy Christmas Wish List Starts October 1st!

I'm sure by now many of you are wondering "Where did A Busy Mommy go?" Well, to be honest, I've been so tired throughout this pregnancy that I just haven't had it in me to do a lot of writing. But, low and behold, I am back! Not only am I back, but I have some wonderful products to share with everyone, many of which you will see in our Crazy Christmas Wishlist! Starting October 1st I will put up a new product for review and/or giveaway to help … [Read more...]

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