The Kids Go Back To School… I Go Back To Netflix #StreamTeam

It's been 10 very long weeks. Sure, we've played outside, made some memories, had some laughs... but now, I get to go back to my every day routine of housework and Netflix while they're at school.  I have a LONG list of shows I just cannot wait to watch... and rewatch. I finished Star Trek Voyager earlier this year, and have been wanting to watch Star Trek Enterprise... Full Disclosure - I didn't watch Enterprise when it aired on TV - so this … [Read more...]

Check out McDonald’s New Mobile App! #MyMcDs {Giveaway}

Stop what you're doing right now... and go download the new app from McDonald's. Ok, ok. Maybe you can do it in a bit.  But don't forget! Here's why. Have you ever been sitting at McDonald's, enjoying your favorite burger or breakfast and thought to yourself; "self... I wonder what's in this delicious meal?" Well,  that app I just mentioned, the MyMcD's App...  Guess what?! It can answer ALL those questions for you! With a simple … [Read more...]

SAY YES to TUPPERWARE and get Chef Series II Cookware FREE!

It's the most wonderful time of the Tupperware year! Jubilee is here!  And for a Tupperware consultant, that is thrilling. Why? It is the celebration of all that we have achieved in the past year, and when you make your way to Orlando, Florida with thousands of other people, well... you know a good time will be had by all. But what does that mean for you? It means there is an offer that cannot be beat... a once a year offer for YOU!  YOU … [Read more...]

Canada Has Fantastic Talent #StreamTeam

And it's all over Netflix!  I know we don't see that much of it anymore. Those Canadian shows we all grew up with... there were no huge budgets, but the stories were REAL.  They were a reflection of what life was like for us - going to high school, or living far north.  I don't see those same true home style shows anymore.  As we've all jumped on the reality TV bandwagon.  But <-- has some fabulous oh so Canadian shows just for … [Read more...]

Coming of Age in the 90’s #StarTrek #StreamTeam

I looked up to her, Catherine Janeway.  I was 15 when we first met.  I was a girl spinning in a world of teenage hormones. I was angry, hyper, always going somewhere and in dire need of direction.  My boyfriend through my early teens actually had a lot to do with helping me become nerdy girl I am.  And in 1995, when Star Trek Voyager first aired, I remember that I made a point to sit down and watch it...THIS was going to be MY SHOW. And was it … [Read more...]

The Reveal #LoveLowes

By Ally Banks Well Friday nights are back to normal around here.  No more late night runs to Lowe's, but there have been a few Saturday afternoon stops.  “ Let me just take one final peek” & “ I’ll just run into the garden center”  are words I've said to my husband quite a few times in these last few weeks.  The good news is, the project is complete and we have a beautiful backyard to kick back and enjoy at the end  of the … [Read more...]

Ask a Dermatologist: Setting the Record Straight on Sun {Olay Giveaway} #PGMom

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.   Do you know everything about the sun and what it does to our skin?  No?  Me either... sure, I think I know - things I've read, things I've assumed... but basically, when it comes down to it, all I really know is that I need to wear … [Read more...]

NEW Arm & Hammer™ Laundry Rewards Program

An empty laundry basket. It's like heaven opens up and sings when you get to the bottom, isn't it? Everything clean, pressed and put away.  It's such a rewarding feeling. As rewarding as it is, laundry has always been a chore I struggle with. I get to the point of it all being folded, then I walk away.  Rarely does the laundry every actually all get put away. As I sit her writing this there are three loads of folded laundry in a basket … [Read more...]

Canadian families: P&G has launched a NEW brandPACK!

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. I am brand loyal for a lot of things. Laundry soap, mayo, ketchup... You will never ever see me sway from my favorite brands when it comes to those things... why?  I know they work, I know what I'm getting for my dollar, and I trust them.  But from … [Read more...]

Finding Dory in Theaters June 17th {Giveaway}

Ok.  I'm gonna come right out and say it.  I have been waiting for this movie FOREVER. I love Nemo.  I loved Nemo from the moment I first watched his movie.  Every single character, every part of the story line... loved it all.  I have watched it countless times and when they first announcd that Finding Dory was in the works a few years back, I let out a little squeel.  Or maybe a big one. Either way. It's Disney... It's Dory... and I … [Read more...]

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