It’s Hip Hop Baby! Product Launch and Bonus Giveaway!

I am so happy to be able to share one of the best Kids Videos out there! My son is in love with It's Hip Hop Baby and I am so glad. This is one great program! At home, he loves to dance around and sing with the video, and it's a total hit in the car as well. He always demands asks to hear It's Hip Hop Baby!! I do have to say, this isn't your usual kids program. It's Hip Hop Baby provides a wonderful learning experience with so many … [Read more...]

There’s a party going on….

Hey everyone... I couldn't let the day go by without letting you know about this great party that's happening tonight!! Miranda, AKA The Keeper of the Cheerios is Celebrating!! Today is her blogoversary and that has to be just the best excuse to have a party! So, put the kiddies to bed early cause from 7-8 cst the place to be is on Stickam with The Keeper of the Cheerios! … [Read more...]

The 80’s Are Back!!

We've all seen it comingthe styles the fashion It's Official Now!!!   Join in at The Classy Closet! January 26th - 30th Bodacious 80's Party!! … [Read more...]

Pledge your support

Do you love The Classy Closet as much as I do? Did you know their is a radio show as well. I'm sure you did, and listen every day just like me! Let's all help Jen out by pledging our support to the radio show. No, she's not looking for money, she just wants you to lend her your ears on January 9th! So head on over to the Classy Closet Show Blog and let her know that you'll be there with your "listening ears" on! Check out some previous … [Read more...]


Since "Wonky" is one of Ben's favorite words, I though Wednesdays would be a great day to show Wonkiness to the blogaverse. Enjoy Ben's Wonky Wednesday. Sorry it's sideways, I need a good video editor, any suggestions?? There will be audio once I figure out why there isn't any now. Do you have a Wonky Wednesday Post. Feel free to add a link to Mr. Linky below! … [Read more...]

My blog is the featured blog today!!

Yay! One of my favorite hang outs is featuring my little ole busy mommy blog on their radio show today. How excited am I?? View my page on The Classy Closet The Classy Closet is a wonderful hangout for all of us bloggers, and they have a radio show on Blog Talk Radio which I have to say is absolutely hilarious!! The show starts in less then 30 min so sign up and tune in now!! … [Read more...]

Vélodrome d’Hiver…Sarah’s Key Contest

Vélodrome d'Hiver-Ever Heard of it? Neither have I. When Jamie posted about the novel 'Sarah's Key' she peaked my interest. Written by Tatiana de Rosnay about the life of two girls. One living in today's Paris, the other in occupied France during the Second World War. Written about "Rafle du Vel' d'Hiv" or "Vel' d'Hiv round-up". A holding camp for Thousands of Jews durring the Second World War, in occupied France. If this peaks your interest … [Read more...]

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